Capital Bowl

The Capital Bowl was the highlight of the Scottish season, and ran from 1985 to 1995. There was no Bowl game in 1991.

1995, Capital Bowl X, Glasgow Lions 31-8 Clydesdale Colts
1994, Capital Bowl IX, Fife 49ners 36-0 Edinburgh Eagles
1993, Capital Bowl VIII, Glasgow Lions 41-0 Fife 49ners
1992, Capital Bowl VII, Glasgow Lions 21-0 Edinburgh Phoenix
1991 not held
1990, Capital Bowl VI, Glasgow Lions 12-6 Edinburgh Phoenix (OT)
1989, Capital Bowl V, Musselburgh Magnums champions, no score found
1988, Capital Bowl IV, Glasgow Diamonds champions, no score found
1987, Capital Bowl III, Glasgow Lions 18-0 Edinburgh Blue Eagles
1986, Capital Bowl II, Glasgow Lions 16-12 Edinburgh Eagles
1985, Capital Bowl I, Glasgow Lions 13-6 Edinburgh Eagles

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