1986 GB Lions

Netherlands 5-24 Great Britain

European Nations Championship qualifier 2nd leg at Hilversum, Netherlands – November 16th 1986

There were no mistakes this time from a more confident squad as they ground out victory in the second leg of the qualifier right after another rocky start. Mick Terrington again had a hand in the victory with two interceptions, one of which he ran back for a touchdown.

The GB defense never let up and kept the pressure on a plucky Dutch team which led 5-3 going into the fourth quarter. In the final period a Terrington interception put Britain into excellent field position and Gladstone McKenzie (Milton Keynes) rushed in from two yards. Terrington then scored himself and finally Trevor Carthy grabbed a 23 yard pass from the Bulls Dave Stanton to put GB clear.

Full squad of GB vs. Netherlands

QB. Dave Hughes (Manchester Allstars), M Eden (Milton Keynes Bucks), Mark Spong (Portsmouth Warriors)
RB. Dave Munn (Luton Flyers), B McDerra (Manchester Spartans), P Hagen (Tyneside), Mark Williams, Trevor Carthy, Colin Nash (all Birmingham Bulls), Gladstone McKenzie (Milton Keynes Bucks)
WR. Maverick Logan (Birmingham Bulls), Allan Brown (Milton Keynes Bucks), Sammy Pryce (Leeds Cougars)
TE. John Haughey (Glasgow Lions), Bernie Hackshaw (Luton Flyers), George Newton (Portsmouth Warriors), Steve Christian (Birmingham Bulls)
OL. Cliff Tomlinson, Vince Summers, Troy Newton (all Leicester Panthers), Paul Boothroyd, Darryl Mendoza (both Portsmouth Warriors), Graham Smith, Peter O'Flannagan (both Manchester Spartans), M Hardaker (Leeds Cougars), Peter Duncan (Edinburgh Eagles), Jim Archell (Luton Flyers)
DL. C Lambert (Manchester Allstars), D Collins (Milton Keynes Bucks), R Davies, Bart Earnshaw (both Portsmouth Warriors), N Bryant (Leicester Panthers), D Cawthorne, G Skerritt (both Nottingham Hoods), I Hollinshead (Crewe Railroaders), Steve Collins (Glasgow Lions), Andy Webb, R Lewis, A Taylor, Steve Trow (all Birmingham Bulls)
LB. Mick Terrington (Nottingham Hoods), Gary James (Birmingham Bulls), John Parker (Milton Keynes Bucks), D Green (Portsmouth Warriors), Paul Boomer (Manchester Allstars)
DB. Paul Roberts, Keith Rawlings, Paddy Laird (all Birmingham Bulls), Steve Raven (Nottingham Hoods)
K. Richard Meanwell (Birmingham Bulls)

Great Britain 9-6 Netherlands

European Nations Championship qualifier 1st leg at Alexander Stadium, Birmingham – November 2 1986

The first qualifying game for the third European Nations Championship took place in November 1986 and was again a patchy performance from the obviously superior Brits. New Head Coach Warren Tate of the Birmingham Bulls had the talent, but his team lacked the sparkle to impress.

The Dutch had suffered a rough 9 hour Channel crossing by boat and were not in the best condition to play, yet they stifled GB with their normal extra enthusiasm. Ricky Ramashai of the Amsterdam Crusaders (who was to be a star at Eurobowl 88) was the game’s MVP and scored the Dutch TD. Nottingham’s Mick Terrington had forced a safety earlier on and Holland were holding on to an improbable 6-2 lead until fatigue finally caught up with them and Trevor Carthy of the hometown Bulls eventually roared in for a touchdown. Fellow Bull Richard Meanwell kicked the PAT and the second leg was set up as a cliffhanger.

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