1998 GB Lions

GB Lions 42-0 France, 4th November 1998

Great Britain 42-0 France

European Nations Championship Qualifer at Milton Keynes National Hockey Stadium - 4th November 1998

The only National match in 1998 was a European Nations qualifying match with the French in November at the Milton Keynes National Hockey Stadium. Great Britain had to win to qualify for the finals in Sweden in 1999. They did so comfortably, putting in one of the greatest Lions displays of alltime. The Brits were 16-0 up at half-time thanks to a Simon Newnham safety, a Bruce Reid 10 yard TD run, and Rowelle Blenham's 18 yard catch from QB Junior Price. 

Bruce Reid scores for GB

In the second half, GB pulled away with a Robert Flickinger 60 yard interception return, a Darren Cooper 1 yard TD catch from Nick Hewitt, a Justin Oke 11 yard TD run and Steve Branscombe's 24 yard TD catch from Nick Hewitt.

QB Junior Price in action vs France


1st Qtr Simon Newnham safety 2-0
2nd Qtr Bruce Reid 10yd TD run XP Kick Rob Hart 9-0
Rowelle Blenman 18yd TD catch from Junior Price Rob Hart XP Kick 16-0
3rd Qtr Robert Flickinger 60yd Interception return Rob Hart XP Kick 23-0
4th Qtr Darren Cooper 1yd TD catch from Nick Hewitt 29-0
Justin Oke 11yd TD run Robert Grant XP kick 36-0
Steve Branscombe 24yd TD catch from Nick Hewitt 42-0

Full squad for game vs. France

QB's: Junior Price (London Olympians), Nick Hewitt (Hertfordshire Univ.), Lee Fraser (Gateshead Senators)
RB's: Stephen Hutchinson, Justin Oke, Collis Seale-McConnie (all London Olympians), Bruce Reid (Hamburg BlueDevils), Duncan French (Gateshead Senators). 
WR's: Rowelle Blenman (London Monarchs), Marc Cohen (Birmingham Bulls), Jeremy Simms, Jason Byworth (both London Olympians), Stevie Branscombe (East Kilbride Pirates), Scott Couper (Scotland Claymores). 
TE's: Darren Cooper, Gerry Anderson, Adam Earle (all London Olympians). 
OL. P Cowler, Nigel Thompson, Barry Driver, Richard Barrett, Andy Maloney (all Birmingham Bulls), Nick Crowe (Sabres), Dean Locke, Tony Hales (both London Olympians), Jason Colquhoun (Stirling Broncos), Tony MacKenzie (England Monarchs), Tom Tovo (England Monarchs). 
DL. Matthew Barrett, Martin Fisher (both Birmingham Bulls), Bob Flickinger (Scottish Claymores), Mark Connolly (Lancashire Wolverines), Lewis Capes, Victor Muhammad (both England Monarchs), Dean Glover (London Olympians), J Adams (East Kilbride Pirates) 
LB's: James Dougall, Scott McMenemy (both East Kilbride Pirates), Simon Newnham, Delton Anderson, Shola Goppy (all London Olympians), Ken Ballard (England Monarchs)
DB's: Lance Knight, Wes Roach, Neil Edwards, Francis Hatega, Scott Rowe (all London Olympians), Ahmed Hashim (Birmingham Bulls) 
Kickers: R Grant (Lothian Raiders), R Hart (London Monarchs). 

Action from GB v France, 1998

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