List of Britball teams

This is BritballNow's quest to list every team that has ever played in the British Isles.

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A26 (Antrim) Bulldogs 89 CGL
Aberdeen Oilcats 03-present SFFA
Aberdeen Steamroller 94-95 BCAFL
Acorn Invaders 87 YTTL
Alconbury Spartans 83 UKSC
Andover Thrashers 04-07 BSL, ESFL
Antrim Cobras 87 NIJAL
APU Phantoms 03-06 BCAFL
ARU Phantoms 06-present BCAFL, BUAFL
Ashford Cruisers 86-87 BudL
Ashford Olympians (see Ashford Cruisers)
Ashford Raiders 88 BNGL
Ashton Alleycats ?? un-aff
Ashton Oilers 87-88 BudL
Aston Rhinos 90-97 BCAFL
Astros 89 NPL
Avalon Knights 88 YTTL
Ayr Anarchy 03-06 SFFA
Ayr Arrows 85 un-aff
Ayr Burners 86-87 BAFL (86), BudL (87)
Ayr Raiders 86 SYTTL


Bangor Buccaneers 86-87 IAFL
Bannerman Wildcats 05 BYAFA (no notes)

Barbarians (The) 87-88 YTT, CapL

Barbarians, The (flag team) 03-06 BSFL, ESFL
Barnsley Bears 88-91 BNGL

Barnstable Jaguars 90 YTTL

Barracuda 90 BNGL
Barrhead Red Hawks 87 ThiL
Barry Cougars 84-89 Youth unaffiliated

Basildon Astros 89 CGL
Basildon Braves 85-88, 91 BAFF,BudL, BNGL
Basildon Chiefs 92-94 BNGL, YKL
Basildon Colts 85 unaffiliated
Basildon Warriors 90-91 YKL, YTTL
Basildon Wildcats 88-89 YTTL
Basingstoke Cavaliers 85 BAFF
Basingstoke Ironsides 87-91 YTTL, YKL
Bath & Chippenham Gladiators 97 YKL
Bath Bulldogs 05 BYAFA
Bath Cardinals 01-07 BYAFA
Bath Gladiators 87-97 UKAFL, BNGL, BAFA, BSL
Bath Killer Bees 92-present BCAFL
Bath Pulaski Rams ??-98 YKL
Bedford Bombardiers 90-94 BAFA, BNGL
Bedford Stags 89 BNGL
Bedford Yearlings 88-89 YTTL
Bedfordshire Blue Raiders 07-present BAFL
Bedfordshire Huskers 93-95 YKL
Belfast Blitzers 87 IAFL
Belfast Bulls 03-present IAFL
Belfast Lasers 1988
Belfast Spartans 87-89 IAFL, CGL, NIJAFL
Belfast Tornadoes 87 IAFL
Belfast Trojans 07-present IAFL
Berkshire Knights 90 YTTL
Berkshire Renegades (no notes)
Bexley Barons 87-89 CapL, BNGL
Biggin Hill Flyers 88-89 YTTL
Bilston Apaches 89-90 CGL, BNGL
Bingham Bandits 87 non-aff YTT
Birchglen Eagles 87 YTTL
Birkenhead Nighthawks 89-91 CGL, BNGL
Birmingham Bulls 84-present AFL, BAFL, BudL, NDMA, BAFA, BSL, BIGC, BSL
Birmingham Lions 89-present BCAFL, CGL
Birmingham Raiders 90, 95-97, 01-present YTTL, NFFA, BSFL, ESFL
Birmingham Royals 86 BudL
Black Country Cats 89 NPL
Black Country Nailers 86-88 BAFL, BudL
Blackpool Falcons 91-92 NDMA, YKL, YTTL
Bletchley Bees 87 UKAFL
BNU Buccaneers 08-present BUAFL
Bolton Buccaneers 88-91 NDMA, CGL, BNGL
Bolton Braves BYAFA Flag 05-06
Bolton Bulldogs 08-present BAFL Youth
Boston Blitz 87, 89 BGFL, YTTL
Bournemouth Bearcats 88-91 YML
Bournemouth Bengals 87 YTTL
Bournemouth Bobcats 86-91 BudL, NDMA
Bournemouth Buccaneers 92-94 BNGL, BAFA
Bournemouth Bulldogs 90-91 BNGL
Bournemouth Deckchairs 88-89, 03-05 YTT, BSFL, ESFL
Bournemouth Junior Bobcats 88-89 YTTL, YKL
Bournemouth Raiders 90-06 YTTL, BSFL, ESFL
Bournemouth Renegades 89-97 YKL, NFFA
Bradford Dolphins 86 BudL, 88 YKL
Braintree Scorpions 85-86 non-aff
Breckland Bucks 89-90 BNGL
Brent Bandits 87-91 CapL, CGL, BNGL, NFFA
Bridgend Celts 87 UKAFL
Brighton B52's 84-99 BAFF, BudL, NDMA, BAFA, BSL, NFFA, JGL
Brighton Tsunami 02-present BSFL, BCAFL, BUAFL
Bristol Apache (no notes)
Bristol Aztecs 91-present BNGL, BAFA, BSL, YKL, NFFA
Bristol Barracuda 06-present BCAFL, BUAFL
Bristol Blackhawks 87-92 UKAFL, BNGL , CGL, BNGL
Bristol Bombers 86 BudL, 87 YTTL
Bristol Bullets 91-present BCAFL
Bristol Packers 87-91 BudL, NDMA, YKL, JAFL
Bristol Pirates 89, 91 BNGL
Britannia Royals 87 UKAFL
Brockenhurst Exiles 00-02 YKL
Bronco Warriors 88 YTTL
Broncos 91 NPL
Buckley Hangmen 87 NWWAFL
Burnley Prairie Dogs 90-91 BNGL
Burton/Derby Federals 90 BNGL
Burton Barons 87-89 BNGL, YTTL
Burton Brewins 90 YKL
Bury Pumas 88-89 BNGL, CGL
Busby Braves ?? SCFFL


Caernavon Centurions 87 NWWCAFL
Caithness Vikings 89 CGL
Caledonian Roughriders (see GCU Roughriders)
Cambridge Cats 93-98 BAFA, BSL
Cambridge Cobras 93-96 YKL
Cambridge County Cats 85-90 BAFF, BudL, CGL, NCMMA
Cambridge Coyotes 88-94 YML, YTTL
Cambridge Crunchers (see Cambridge County Cats)
Cambridge Pythons 88-97 BCAFL
Cambridge Wildcats (see Cambridge County Cats)
Cambridgeshire Cats 02-present BSL
Cannock Chase Giants 89-93 CGL, BNGL, NPL
Canterbury Coyotes 01 BSFL
Canterbury Vikings 90-91 BNGL
Capital Clansmen 87-88 ThiL, CAFL
Capital Tigers 88 BudL
Cardiff Bears (no notes)
Cardiff Celts 88-90 JAFL, YKL
Cardiff Cobras 87-present BCAFL
Cardiff Mariners 87 un-aff
Cardiff Mets 87-93 UKAFL, BNGL, CGL, NDMA, BYAFA
Cardiff Tigers 85-91 UKAFL, BudL, CGL, BNGL
Carlisle Border Reivers (no notes)
Carlisle Kestrels 87-89 UKAFL, BNGL, CGL
Carluke Cobras 07 (no notes)
Carluke Predators 03-present SFFA
Carrickfergus Cougars 87-88 IAFL
Carrickfergus Knights 93-present AFAI, IAFL
Carterton Wildcats 90-97 BNGL, BAFA, BSL
Central London High School Bobcats non-aff (no notes)
CH Bluecoats 05 (no notes)
Charnwood Beacons 87-93 UKAFL, BNGL
Chatham Sharks 04-present ESFL
Chelmsford Buccaneers 88 NPL
Chelmsford Cherokee 86-91 BudL, NDMA, BYAFA, YML
Cheltenham Chieftains 87-91 UKAFL, CGL, BNGL, YTTL, YKL
Cherokee Braves 88 YTTL
Chertsey Reapers ?? non-aff
Cheshire Cats 87-89 NWWCAFL, BNGL 
Chester Romans 87-present BudL, BNGL, BAFA, BSL, YKL
Chichester Sharks 02-present BSFL, ESFL
Chiefs 95-96 BAFA, BSL
Chiltern Cheetahs 87-present CapL, BNGL, BAFA, BSL, YTTL, BSFL
Chiltern Panthers 87 CapL
Chingford Centurions 86-87 BudL
Chorley Buccaneers 00-present NGA, BYAFA
City Blackhawks 88 BudL
City Raiders 87 un-aff
City of London Capitals 88 BudL
City of London Stags 86-87 BudL
Cleveland Bays 84-87 non-aff
Cleveland Dragons 88-89 BNGL
Clifton Centurions 86 BudL
Clyde Valley Hawks 01-present YKL
Clyde Valley Blackhawks (no notes)
Clydesdale Colts 86-94 BAFL, BudL, CGL, BNGL
CMK Bucks 87 BudL
Cinque-Port Monarchs 07 BYAFA (no notes)
Coatbridge Colts 01-present
Colchester Eagles 88-89 YTTL
Colchester Gladiators 85-95, 05-present BudL, CGL, NCMMA, BNGL, BAFA, YKL, NPL
Colchester Tridents 87-88 YTTL
Coleraine Chieftains 87 IAFL
Collier Row Oilers 86 BudL
Colwyn Bay Bears 87 NWWCL
Colwyn Bay Dragons 94 BAFA
Conwy Valley Vultures 90 YTTL
Cork Admirals 03-present IAFL

Cornish Sharks 07-present BAFL (no notes)
Cornwall Corvettes 88 YTTL
Corstorphine Cougars 85-86 SYTTL
Cotswold Bears 86-87 BudL
Coventry Bears 86-90 BAFL, BudL, CGL, NCMMA, JGL, NPL
Coventry Jaguars 91-93, 04 NDMA, BSL
Coventry Jets 05-present BSL
Coventry Killer Bees 07 BYAFA (no notes)
Coventry Wolves 08 BYAFA (no notes)
Craigavon Cowboys 87-99, 03 IAFL, CGL, AFAI
Craigmount Cougars 00-present SCWFFL, SFFA
Crawley Pirates 93-96 JFL, JGL
Crawley Raiders 84-95 BudL, CGL, NCMMA, BNGL, BAFA, YTTL, NPL
Crewe Missiles 87-88 YFL, YKL
Crewe Railroaders 85-90 UKAFA, BAFL, BudL, BNGL
Croydon Coyotes 84-87 BAFF, CapL
Croydon Cyclones 88 BNGL
Croydon Kings 93 BNGL
Crusaders 88-93 (see Nottingham Crusaders)
Cumbrian Cougars 91-92 BNGL


Dalkeith Devils 86 SYTTL
Darlington Dragons 87 UKAFL, 90 non-aff YKL
DC Presidents (no notes)
DCU Pirates IFL
DCU Stallions IAFL
Delyn Valley Heroes 87-88 YKL
Denbigh Pioneers 00-present BYAFA
Denny Broncos 95 SGA
Derby Braves 96-present BCAFL
Derby Dream Team 00-present BSFL, ESFL
Derbyshire Braves 90-94 BNGL, BAFA
Doncaster Jaguars 87-89 BGFL, BNGL
Doncaster Mustangs 03-present BSL
Doncaster Wildcats 94-99 JGL (96), BSFL, YKL, NFFA 
Don Valley Bears 92-93 BNGL
Don Valley Vipers 00-present BYAFA, NGA
Dorset Broncos 84-85 non-aff
Dragons, The 86 (see Darlington Dragons)
Drimnagh Cycos 95-present IFFA
Drimnagh Pirates 86-88 ECJFA
Drumadrochit Devils 06 SFFA (no notes)
Dublin Bulls 97-98 AFAI
Dublin Celts 87-93 IAFL, CGL, NCMMA, ECJFA
Dublin Dragons 01-present IAFL
Dublin Gladiators 97-present IFFA
Dublin Lightning 95-present AFAI
Dublin Panthers 86 non-aff
Dublin Rebels 01-present IAFL
Dublin Tigers 98-00 AFAI
Dublin Tornadoes 86-96 AFAI, CGL, ECJFA
Duchy Destroyers 86-90, 94 BudL, BNGL, BAFA
Dundee Bluedevils 99-00 BCAFL
Dundee Giants 86 SYTTL
Dundee Hurricanes 01-present NGA, BSL
Dundee Storm 93-present SCFFL, NGA, YKL
Dundee Whalers 87-98 ThiL, BudL, CGL, BNGL, BAFA, SGA
Dunstable Cowboys 85-88 UKAFA, BudL
Durham Saints 86-87 UKAFA
Durham Saints 07 BUAFL (no notes)


Ealing Eagles 84-94 AFL, BAFL, BudL, CGL, BNGL, JAFL, JGL, YKL, NPL
East Anglia Pirates (see UEA Pirates)
East Antrim Cougars 89 CGL
East Coast Leopards 89 BNGL
East Grinstead Knights 95 NFFA
East Grinstead Tigers ??
East Kent Cougars 87-90 BGFL, BNGL
East Kent Mavericks 06-present BAFL (no notes)
East Kilbride Pirates 86-present BAFL, BudL, CGL, BNGL, SGA, BSL
East London Braves 85 non-aff
East Midland Renegades 93-64 non-aff YTT
East Midland Saxons 02-present BSL
East Side Jets 87 IAFL
Eastbourne Crusaders 85-91 UKAFA, BudL, BNGL
Eastbourne Eagles 00-present NGA
Eastleigh Devils 91-92 YTTL, YKL
Eastleigh Royals 88-93 BNGL, YTTL
Edenbridge Knights 96-97 NFFA
Edinburgh (Blue) Eagles 85-98 and 93-94 AFL, BAFL, BudL, BNGL, BAFA
Edinburgh Emperors ??-?? non-aff
Edinburgh Hawks 86 SYTTL
Edinburgh Phoenix 89-92 CGL, BNGL, NDMA
Edinburgh Timberwolves 05-07 BCAFL (no notes)
Edinburgh Wolves 03-present BSL
Eliburn Eagles 86 non-aff
Elm Park Eagles 87-88 YTTL
Enfield Bullets 89-94 CGL, BNGL, BAFA
England Monarchs 98 NFLE
Essex Blades 01-present BCAFL
Essex Buccaneers 89-90 CGL, NCMMA, YKL
Essex Chiefs 97-98 BSL
Essex Gladiators 91-92 NDMA
Essex Spartans 99-present BSL, YKL
Essex Youth 94 YKL
Eton College Vipers 00-02 non-aff
Euston Oilers ?? non-aff
Exeter Cyclones 93 BNGL
Exeter Eagles 87-88 BudL, SWAFL 


F-14 Tomcats 87-94 CapL, BNGL, BAFA
Falkirk Cougars 91-94 BNGL, BAFA
Farnham Knights (see PA Knights)
Fen Harriers 91-present BSFL, ESFL, JGL, NFFA, BYAFA

Fife 49ers 87-96 ThiL, BudL, CGL, BNGL, BAFA, SGA
Fife Falcons (see Fife 49ners)
Fife Fire 07 BYAFA (no notes)
Five Towns Falcons 92-93 BNGL
Folkestone Vikings 92 BNGL
Folkestone Wolverines 91-93 YKL, JFL
Fort William Phoenix 00 NGA
Fortek Falcons 88 YTTL
Forth Valley Generals 88-89 CAFL, CGL
Frome Katanas 88 YTTL non-aff
Frome Oakfield Express 87 YTTL
Fulham Cardinals 87 BudL
Fulham Crusaders 86 BudL
Furness Phantoms 88-89 BNGL, CGL
Fylde Falcons 84-90 Merit, AFL, BAFL, BudL, NDMA


Galloway Eagles 00-present SCWFFL, SFFA
Gamblers 89 NPL
Gateshead Mets 92 YKL
Gateshead Senators 89-present BudL, NDMA, BAFA, BSL, YKL
Giants, NI (Tennants) 87 IAFL, 89 CGL
GB Spartans 93-95 FLE
GCU Roughriders 03-present BUAFL

Glasgow Cyclones 91-92 BNGL
Glasgow Diamonds 85-88 AFL, BudL, CAFL, SYYTL
Glasgow Gladiators 84 un-aff
Glasgow Hornets 06-07

Glasgow Lions 84-96 Merit, AFL, BAFL, BudL, NDMA, BAFA, SGA, YKL
Glasgow Redhawks 88 un-aff
Glasgow Sabres 05 SFFA

Glasgow Tigers 86-present BCAFL
Glasgow Tigers 02-present BSL

Glasgow Tigers Youth 01-present YKL

Glass City Gators 89-91 NPL, BG7
GlenUrquhart Gladiators 06 SFFA (no notes)
Gloucester Boars 85 UKAFA
Gloucester Centurions (no notes)
Gloucester Gladiators 93-96 YKL
Gloucester Meteors 87 YTTL
Gosport Vikings 87 UKAFL
Grangemouth Broncos 00-present SCFFL, SFFA
Granite City Oilers 87-95 BudL, CGL, NCMMA, BNGL, BAFA, SGA 
Gravesend Lions 87-present UKAFL, BNGL
Gravesend Lions Youth 87 & 92 YTTL

Grays Saxons 86-88 BudL, BNGL
Great Yarmouth Oilers (no known notes)
Great Yarmouth Pipeliners (no known notes)
Great Western Oilers 91-93 BNGL
Greenwich Mariners 84 non-aff
Greenwich Mariners 05-present BCAFL (NO NOTES)
Greenwich Rams 85-86 AFL, BudL
Greystone Rebels ??-?? AFAI
Grimsby Scorpions 87-88 UKAFL, BNGL
Grouprange Raiders 85 non-aff
Guernsey Admirals 87-88 (no known notes)
Guernsey Gladiators 89-92 SWAFL, BNGL
Gwent Mustangs 90-97 BNGL, BAFA, BSL
Gwynedd Knights 88 BNGL


Hackney Barbarians 87 CapL (see Barbarians)
Halton Demons 86-90 BudL, BNGL
Hampshire Cavaliers 86-93 BudL, CGL, BNGL
Hampshire Knights 87 YTTL
Hampshire Thrashers 08-present BAFL
Handforth Hammerheads 00-present YKL
Harlow Warlords 84-85 Merit, AFL
Harrogate Hawks 87-94 UKAFL, BNGL, BAFA
Harrogate Hawks Youth 01-present YKL
Hartlepool Steelers 87-89 BGFL, BNGL
Haven Raiders 93-94 non-aff YKL
Haven Saxons 92 non-aff YTT
Havering Saxons 85 UKAFA
Hayes Braves 92-93 JFL
Hayes Generals 94 BAFA

Heanor Hawks 87-90 UKAFL, BNGL
Heathrow Jets 84-94 Merit, AFL, BudL, CGL, YKL, YTTL, YML, NPL
Heeley Tomahawks 05 BYAFA (no notes)
Hemel Panthers 88 BNGL
Henley Hogs 84 non-aff
Hereford Chargers 85-93 UKAFA, BudL, BNGL, YTTL
Hereward Rams 83 non-aff
Hertfordshire Hurricanes 94-present BCAFL
Hertfordshire Stags 96-01 BSL
Herts Ballhawks 93 NPL
Herts Phantoms 87-90 BudL, CGL, BNGL
Herts Spirits 87-88 YTTL
Highland Wildcats 05-present BYAFA (no notes)
Hinckley Hurricanes 87 UKAFL
Holywell Heroes 86 YKL
Horsham Predators 88-93 BNGL
Hounslow Jets 88 BNGL
Huddersfield Hawks 07- BUAFL (no notes)
Huddersfield Rams 87-90 UKAFL, BNGL
Hull Bandits 89 YTTL
Hull Hornets 07-present BAFL (no notes)
Hull Kingston Liberators 85-90 AAFC, UKAFL, BNGL
Hull Pirates 92 YTTL
Hull Rockets 96-99 YFL
Hull Sharks 85-present BCAFL
Humberside Liberators 90-91 BNGL
Humberside Tide 88-89 NPL
Huntingdon Hawks 87 YTTL
Huskies 86-88 BudL


Ilford Blackhawks 84-86 Merit, BAFL
Inverclyde Crusaders 87-89 BudL, CAFL, CGL
Inverclyde Raiders 03-present SFFA (no notes)
Inverclyde Sharks 02-present YKL

Inverness Blitz 99 non-aff
Inverness Buccaneers

Inverness Bulldogs (no notes)
Inverness Claymores (no notes)
Inverness Dragons 07 (no notes)
Inverness Indians (no notes)
Inverness Panthers (no notes)
Inverness Pirates (no notes)
Inverness Rockets (no notes)
Invicta Coyotes 02 BSFL
Invicta Eagles 90-97 BNGL, BAFA, BSL
Ipswich Cardinals 86-present UKAFL, BudL, BNGL, BAFA, BSL, YKL, YTTL, YFL
Ipswich Imperials 87 YTTL
Ipswich Phantoms 93 YKL
Irvine Coasters 86 SYTTL
Irvine Seagulls 85 non-aff


Jaguars 90 NPL
Jersey Senates 89 SWAFL
Johnstone Crusaders 86 BAFL
Jordanstown Jaguars 87 IAFL


Kent AFC 91-92 BNGL
Kent Brewers 03-04 BYAFA (see Kent Exiles)
Kent Cougars 92 BNGL (see Kent AFC)
Kent Exiles 93-present BNGL, BAFA, BSL, BYAFA
Kent Falcons 96-present BCAFL
Kent Knights 93 YTTL
Kent Mustangs 92-93 NDMA, BNGL
Kent Panthers 93-94 YTTL, JTTL
Kent Pumas 92-98 YKL
Kent Rams 87-90 BudL, CGL, NCMMA, YTTL, YKL
Kettering Kestrels ?? BYAFA
Kilmarnock Comets 06 SFFA (no notes)
Kilmarnock Marauders 86 SYTTL
Kings Lynn Patriots 84-88 Merit, AFL, BAFL, BudL
Kings Lynn Royals non-aff
Kingston Barbarians 01 BSL
Kingston Bengals non-aff
Kingston Liberators (see Hull Kingston Liberators)
Kingston Thames Pirates 89-90 BNGL
Kingswinford Cobras 89 YTTL
Kinloss Kurgans 90 BNGL
Kirkcaldy Bulls 03-present SFFA
Kirklees Lions ??-?? NFFA
KL Burners 88 BudL
KL Rebels 89-90 CGL, BNGL


L8 Raiders 86 JAFFA
LA Panthers 87-91 CapL, BNGL
L.A. (Luton Area) Huskers 93-95 BYAFA (see Bedfordshire Huskers)
Ladywell 86 non-aff
Lanarkshire Pirates 88 BudL
Lanarkshire Steelers 07 BYAFA (no notes)
Lancashire Chieftains 86-89 BudL, BNGL
Lancashire Wolverines 89-present BNGL, BAFA, BSL
Lancashire Wolverines Colts 96-present YKL
Lancaster Bombers 91-present BCAFL
Lancaster Bombers 88-92 BNGL 

Lee Valley Colts 86 non-aff
Lee Valley Giants 89 non-aff
Lee Valley Warriors 86 BudL
Leamington Royals 85-87 un-aff (no notes)
Leeds Celtics 90-present BCAFL
Leeds Cobras 86-91 AAFC, BudL, CGL, BNGL
Leeds Cougars 84-95 Merit, AFL, BAFL, BudL, NDMA, BAFA, YKL
Leicester Eagles 85-present NFFA, BSFL, ESFL, JFL, YFL
Leicester Falcons (no notes)
Leicester Huntsmen 87-98 BNGL, CGL, NCMMA, BNGL, BAFA, BSL
Leicester Hurricanes 93-95 YKL
Leicester Lemmings 86-02 BCAFL
Leicester Lightning 02-06 BCAFL
Leicester Longhorns 06- BCAFL (NO NOTES)
Leicester Panthers 85-96 AFL, BAFL, BudL, NDMA, BAFA, BSL, YKL
Leigh Razorbacks 85 AAFC, BAFL
Leyland Roadrunners 85 non-aff
Lichfield AFC 89 BNGL
Limerick Patriots 88 IAFL (no notes)
Lincoln Bombers 87-91 UKAFL, BudL, CGL, YTTL, YKL
Lincoln Colonials 06- BCAFL (no notes)
Lincoln Saints 92-93 BNGL
Lincolnshire Bombers 07-present BAFL (no notes)
Liscard Lizards 86 JAFFA
Liverpool Fury 07-present BUAFL (no notes)
Livingstone Chieftains 89 CGL
Lochardil Buccaneers 06 SFFA (no notes)
Locomotive Derby 85-89 AAFC, BAFL, BudL, YTTL
London Acorn Lasers 88 YTTL
London Barons 90-91 BNGL
London Blitz 95-present BAFA, BSL, NFFA, YKL
London Browns 85 non-aff
London Capitals 86-91 BudL, CGL, NCMMA, BNGL
London Capitals Youth 90-present YKL, JTTL
London Cobras 08-present BAFL (no notes)
London Express 91 BNGL
London Gators 90-93 BNGL, NPL
London Gators 01 BSFL 
London Hurricanes 01-02 BSFL
London Lasers 86-89 CGL, BudL
London Liberty 06 ESFL (no notes)
London Lions 07 BYAFA (no notes)
London Mets 85-03 BAFA, BNGL, BGAL, BAFF, BSL
London Monarchs 91-92, 95-97 WLAF
London O's 85-present BAFA, NDMA, BudL, BIGC, BAFA, BSL
London Olympians (see London O's)
London Olympians II 92-95 BAFA, NDMA
London Raiders 84-85 
London Ravens 84-94 BAFA, BNGL, NDMA, BudL, YKL, YML
London Rockets 93-94 BNGL, BAFA
London Thunder 92-94 BAFA, BNGL
London Warriors 06 BYAFA (no notes)
Lone Star 88 NPL
Lothian Chieftains 87-88 BudL
Lothian Raiders 96-98 SGA
Loughborough Aces 87-present BCAFL
Lowestoft Leopards 86-88 unaff
Lurgan Area Raiders 95 non-aff
Luton Flyers 86-88 BAFL, BudL
Luton Huskers 90-98 NFFA, YTTL, YKL


Macclesfield Cobras 86-88 AAFC, UKAFL
Maidstone M20's 87-89 CapL, BNGL
Maidstone Mosquitos 87 non-aff
Maidstone Pumas 98-present BSL
Maidstone Pumas Youth 88-90 YTTL, YKL

Manchester Allstars 85-93 NDMA, BudL, BAFL, NFFA
Manchester Falcons 95-96 BAFA, BSL
Manchester Force 97 BIG-C
Manchester Heroes 86-89 CGL, BudL
Manchester MP'S 85-88 BCAFL
Manchester Spartans 84-94 Merit, AFL, BAFL, BudL, NDMA, YKL
Manchester Titans 03-present BSL, BYAFA
Mancunian Colts 89-92 BNGL, YKL
Mansfield Express 85-87 AFL, BAFL, BudL
Manx Comets 86-89 CGL
Medina Mustangs 84 non-aff (no notes)
Medway Mustangs 86-91 BAFL, BudL, CGL, BNGL, NDMA, YTTL, YKL
Meon Valley Vikings 88 BNGL
Merseyside Centurions 87-91 BGFL, BNGL
Merseyside Mavericks 98 BSFL
Merseyside Nighthawks 92-93, 95-present BNGL, BAFA, BSL

Mersey Phoenix 94 BAFA
Merseyside Predators 03-present BYAFA (no notes)
Merton Admirals 86-89 BAFL, BudL, CGL
Mets 89 NPL
Meyrick Marauders 89 CGL
Midhurst Badgers 85 non-aff (no notes)
Mildenhall Mayhem 07 ESFL (no notes)
Milton Keynes Bucks 84-86 Merit, AFL, BAFL
Milton Keynes City Pathfinders BAFL 08 (no notes)
Milton Keynes Mavericks 92-93 YKL 
Milton Keynes Pathfinders 97-present NFFA, BYAFA
Milton Keynes Pioneers 88-97 BudL, CGL, NCMMA, NDMA, BAFA, BSL, BIGC
Milton Keynes Yearlings 86-87 YTTL 
Monarchs 89 YTTL
Moray Firth Dolphins 00-present YKL

Moray Maniacs 03-06 SFFA (no notes)
Mount's Bay Buccaneers 86-88 BudL, UKAFL, SWAFL
Musselburgh Magnums 86-89 BAFL, BudL, CGL


Napier Mavericks 07 BUAFL (no notes)
Napier University Edinburgh 04 BCAFL (no notes)
Nene Valley Hybrids 03-04? BSL
Nene Valley Nimrods 86 non-aff TT
Ness Monsters 87-89 ThiL, CAFL, CGL
New Bolton Braves 86 AAFC
New Forest Gladiators 86 YTTL
New Pudsey Devils 89 BNGL
Newark Vulcans 86-91 BudL, UKAFL, BNGL, YTTL
Newbury Bandits 91-93 BNGL
Newcastle Browns 85 non-aff
Newcastle Mariners 94-00 BCAFL
Newcastle Raiders 02-present BCAFL
Newcastle Scholars 85-91 BCAFL
Newcastle Senators 86-88 BudL
Newmarket Hornets 85-93 BNGL, BudL, BAFL, BAFF, YML
Newmarket Mustangs 89-91 JTTL, YTTL
Newport City Saints 06-07 BYAFA (no notes)
Newport Mustangs 87-89 BNGL, UKAFL
Newport Pagnell Panthers ??-?? YML
Newton GW's 86-89 SWAFL, BudL
NI Giants 88-89 CGL, IAFL
North Devon Dogs 01-present BSFL, ESFL
North Down Raiders 88 IAFL
North East Presidents 95-97 BAFA, BSL
North Herts Raiders 85-86 BAFL,BAFF, BudL
North Kent Patriots 93 BNGL
North Lanarkshire Rams 01-present YKL

North Notts Wildcats 90-93 YTTL & YKL non-aff
North Sea Hurricanes 90-94 BNGL, BAFA
North Sea Tigers 88-89 YTTL
North West Demons 91-92 BG7, NPL
North Yorkshire Hawks 92-93 BNGL
Northampton Stormbringers 84-94, 96-97 BAFA, NDMA, BudL, YTTL
Northants Vikings ?? BYAFA
Northern Vikings 06 BYAFA (no notes)
Northumbria Mustangs 08-present BUAFL (no notes)
Northwestern Redskins 95-96 JGL
Norwich Demons 88-89 YTTL
Norwich Devils 86-present BAFL, BudL, BNGL, BAFA, BSL, YKL
Nottingham/Birmingham Youth 97-98 BYAFA
Nottingham Caesars 94-present BAFA, BSL, YKL
Nottingham Caesars Youth Two Touch Team 88-89 YTTL

Nottingham Crusaders 88-93 BNGL, NPL
Nottingham Hoods 84-94 Merit, AFL, BAFL, BudL, NDMA, BAFA, YKL

Nottingham Outlaws Youth 88 YTTL
Nottingham Outlaws 96-present BCAFL
Notts Phoenix 90 BNGL
Nuneaton Norsemen 88-91 BNGL


Oakland Raiders 88 BNGL
Okehampton Legionnaires 88 SWJAFL
Oldham Phoenix 87-88 BNGL, BGAL
Ormskirk Ogres 85-86 JAFFA
Orpington Owls 85-86 non-aff
Oxford Bulldogs 84-90 Merit, AFL, BudL, CGL, NCMMA, YTTL
Oxford Cavaliers 88-present BCAFL
Oxford Eagles 84 non-aff (no notes)
Oxford Pups 85 non-aff
Oxford Saints 91-present BNGL, BAFA, BSL


PA Knights 86-present BudL, CGL, BNGL, BAFA, BSL, YTTL, YKL
Paisley Panthers 89-97 BCAFL
Paisley Panthers Youth 01-present
Paisley Pirates 02 YKL (no notes)
Park Centre Bandits 93 YTTL
Park Centre Bombers 94 YTTL
Peabody Tanners 07 ESFL (NO NOTES)
Peel City Crusaders 88 
Peterborough Centurions 96-98 YFL, YKL, NFFA
Peterborough Hustlers 88-91 BNGL, YTTL
Peterborough Saxons 08-present (no notes)
Pharaohs 85-86 BAFF, BudL
Phoenix 92 BNGL
Plymouth Admirals 86-present BAFA, BNGL, SWAFL, BudL, BSL
Plymouth Blitz 00-present BCAFL
Plymouth Commodores 87 non-aff
Plymouth Commodores 90-97 NFFA

Poole Bay Panthers 89 BNGL
Poole Sharks 84 Merit
Portadown Panthers (no notes)
Portsmouth Destroyers 06- BCAFL (NO NOTES)
Portsmouth Tridents 95-96 BAFA, BSL
Portsmouth Warriors 84-90 NDMA, CGL, BudL, BAFL, YTTL, YKL
Prestatyn Panthers 87-90 NWWCAFL, BNGL
Preston Pirates 87-89 BGFL, BNGL
Prospect Pumas 88
Prudhoe Sharks 05 BYAFA (no notes)


Queens Univeristy Belfast Broncos ??-?? AFAI


RAF Wyton Eagles 84 Merit
Ramsey 89 YTTL, YML
Reading Knights 87-present BCAFL
Reading Rattlers (see Reading Knights)
Reading Renegades 85-90, 06-present UKAFA, BudL, CGL, BNGL, BAFL
Reading White Knights (see Reading Knights)
Reborne Rhinos 05 BYAFA (no notes)
Redbridge Fire 93-98 BNGL, BAFA, BSL
Redditch Arrows 87-present UKAFL, BudL, BNGL, NDMA, BAFA, BSL
Redditch Geriatrics 93 NPL
Redditch Raiders 88 BNGL
Redhill ?? non-aff
Renegade Cruisers 87 YTTL
Retford Wildcats 89 non-aff
Rochdale Cobras 88-89 BNGL
Rockingham Rebels 85-95 BAFF, BudL, CGL, NCMMA, BNGL, BAFA
Ross's Raiders 89 NPL
Rotherham Braves 88-89 YTTL
Rotherham Redskins 87-88 BGFL, BNGL
Royal Forest Raiders ?? non-aff
Royal Holloway Vikings 06 BCAFL (no notes)
Rugby Panthers 88 non-aff
Rugby Rollers 87-90 UKAFL, BNGL
Runcorn Lynx 87 non-aff
Runnymede Generals 87 UKAFL
Rutherglen Ironhogs ?? non-aff


Scarborough Warlords 88-89 BNGL
Scottish Claymores 95-present WLAF, NFLE
Scunthorpe Steelers 85-90 AAFC, BudL, CGL, NCMMA
Selhurst Snipers 02 BYAFA
Selsey Badgers 87 UKAFL
Severn Vale Royals 90-93 BNGL 
Severn Valley Warlords 89 CGL
Sheffield Cyclones 96-97 BSL, BIGC
Sheffield Hallam Warriors 03-present BCAFL
Sheffield Lightning 99-01 BSFL
Sheffield Pirates 89-90 BCAFL
Sheffield Predators (no notes)
Sheffield Sabres 00-present BCAFL
Sheffield Saxons 98 BSL, BSFL
Sheffield Tomahawks 06-present BYAFA (NO NOTES)
Sheffield Zulus 90-97 BCAFL
Sheldon Renegades 92-93 NPL
Shetland Redeyes 85-87 non-aff
Shireway Sharks 86-87 YTTL
Shropshire Giants 89 YTTL
Shropshire Revolution 07-present BAFL (no notes)
Silverbacks (see Slough Silverbacks)
Slough Silverbacks 85-86 UKAFA, BudL
SMC Admirals 90-91 BNGL, NDMA
Snappy Snap Gators 92 NPL
Solent Scorpions 88-89 BudL, CGL
Solent Scorpions Youth 91-95 YKL

Solent Thrashers
Solent Warriors 91 NDMA
Solihull Sharks 87 YTTL
Somerset Wolfpack 90 BNGL
South Cheshire Refugees 91-93 BNGL
South Coast Raiders 92-94 BNGL, BAFA
South Coast Sharks 86-90 BudL, BNGL
South Lincs Blitz 88-89 BNGL
South Notts Crusaders 87 UKAFL
South Star Scorpions 86-87 BudL, YTTL
South Wales Rebellion 04-present BYAFA, ESFL (no notes)
South Wales Warriors 01-present BSL
South West Cyclones 92 BNGL (no notes)
South Yorkshire Jaguars 94-97 BAFA, BSL
South Yorkshire Mustangs 08 BAFL (no notes)
Southampton Seahawks 84-89 BudL, CGL
Southampton Stags 89-present BCAFL
Southampton Wolverines 85 AFL
Southend Sabres 85-present AFL, BudL, BNGL, BAFA, BSL, YKL, YML
Southend Wildcats 88 YTTL
Southern Bengals 87 BudL
Southern Seminoles 94-96 BAFA, BSL
Southern Sooners 92 YKL
Southern Sundevils 94-present BAFA, BSL, YKL
Southside Kestrels 90 BNGL
Spital 69ners 86 non-aff
St Albans Kestrels 87-89 CapL, BNGL, CGL
St Albans Kings 08 BAFL Flag (no notes)
St Austell Seahawks 88-91 SWAFL, BNGL
St Helens Cardinals 85-98 AAFC, UKAFL, BudL, BNGL, BAFA, BSL, JAFFA, NPL
St Josephs Cardinals 94 JFL
St Peters Pumas 00-present BYAFA
Staffordshire Stallions 92-present BCAFL
Staffordshire Stampeders 84-85 Merit, AFL 
Staffordshire Surge 94-present BAFA, BSL
Stag Knights 05 ESFL (no notes)
Staines Removers 88 BudL
Stanmore Thunder (see London Thunder)
Stantonbury Pathfinders 01-present BYAFA
Starlight Sports 90 NPL
Steel City Giants 86-88 AAFC, BudL
Steel City Titans 88-93 YKL
Steel City Warriors 96-99 JGL, NFFA, BYAFA
Stevenage Aerostars 86 non-aff
Stirling Broncos 96-98 SGA
Stirling Clansmen 86-present BCAFL
Stock Exchange Stags 84-85 Merit, AFL
Stockley 93 JFL
Stockport Falcons 86-92 BudL, BNGL, YTTL
Stockport Falcons Jnrs 86-88 JAFFA, YTTL

Stockport Stallions (see Stockport Falcons Jnrs)
Stockton Gators 93-95 BNGL, BAFA
Storm Bombardiers 95 BAFA
Stoke Hurricanes 89 YKL
Stoke Spitfires 86-92 BAFL, BudL, CGL, NCMMA, NDMA, YKL
Stourbridge Pumas 87-92 UKAFL, CGL, BNGL
Stratford Tempests 91-94 BNGL, BAFA
Strathclyde Hawks 86-present BCAFL
Strathclyde Posse 00-present SCFFL
Strathclyde Sheriffs 86-01 BAFL, BudL, CAFL, CGL, BNGL, BAFA, SGA, BSL
Strathclyde Stallions 90 BNGL
Strathmore Scorpions 87-88 ThiL, CAFL 
Streatham Olympians 84-85 Merit, AFL
Studley Bearcats 03-present BYAFA (no notes)
Sunderland Kings 02-07 BCAFL (no notes)
Sunderland Spartans 07- BUAFL (no notes)
Sunderland Wearwolves 92-99 BCAFL
Surrey Stingers 94-present BCAFL
Surrey Thunderbolts 85-86 BAFL, UKAFA
Sussex Allstars 94-95 YKL, YFL
Sussex Predators 87 UKAFL
Sussex Raiders 92 NPL
Sussex Raiders 96 BSL
Sussex Storm 98 BSFL
Sussex Thunder 97-00, 03-present BSL, JFL
Sutton Coldfield Royals 89-91 BNGL
Swansea Dragons 87-90 BudL, CGL, BNGL, YTTL
Swanshurst Raiders 89 YTTL
Swindon Samuri 87-89 YTTL, YKL
Swindon Steelers 85-94 UKAFA, BudL, CGL, BNGL, BAFA
Swindon Storm 13-present (no notes)


Tamworth Phoenix (no notes)
Tamworth Trojans 87-92 UKAFL, BNGL, YTTL
Tamworth Trojans 06 BYAFA (no notes)

Tarannau Aberystwyth 92-present BCAFL
Taunton Wyverns 84-94 Merit, AFL, BudL, BNGL, BAFA
Team Extreme 03-present BSFL, ESFL
Team UA 05 ESFL (no notes)
Team Voodoo 05-present ESFL
Teesside Demons 85-00 BCAFL
Tees Valley Cougars 00-present BCAFL, BSL
Thames Barriers 86-88 BudL
Thames Pirates (see Kingston Thames Pirates)
Thames Valley Aces 94 BAFA
Thames Valley Chargers 84-93 Merit, AFL, BudL, NDMA, YTTL
Thames Valley Razorbacks 88 YTTL
Thames Valley Thunderbolts 89-92 NPL
Thanet Vikings 86-89 BudL, BNGL
The Barbarians 03-present BSFL, ESFL
Tigar Bay Warriors 93-99 JTTL, YKL, BSL

Tiptree Titans 87-95 BNGL, BAFA, YKL, YTTL, YML
Tonbridge Tigers 87-90 CapL, BNGL
Torbay Trojans 84-93, 97-98 Merit, UKAFA, BudL, SWAFL, BNGL, BSL
Trafford Falcons 93-94 BNGL, BAFA
Trent Valley Warriors 94-95 BAFA
Trident Thunderbolts ?? ISFL
Truro Bananas 93 YKL
Tyneside Tigers 89-93 BNGL
Tyneside Trojans 84-86 Merit, AFL, BAFL
Tyrone Trojans 87 NIJAL (no notes)


UCH Sharks (see Hull Sharks)
UCLA Renegades 95-01 YKL, NFFA, JFL, BSFL
UDL Longhorns 97 YKL
UEA Pirates 87-present BCAFL
UL Vikings 01-present IAFL
Upminster Warriors 92 YKL
USC Trojans ?? non-aff
UST Royals 92 BNGL
UT Cougars (see Teesside Cougars)




Waldron Warriors 89-90 YTTL
Walsall Titans 84-90 Merit, AFL, BAFL, BudL, CGL, NCMMA, YTTL
Walthhamstow Warriors 84-85 Merit, BAFF
Warrington Scorpions 87-90 BudL, BNGL
Warriors AFC 87 BudL
Warwick Wolves 89-present BCAFL
Warwickshire Bears 85 AFL
Washington Grays 89-92 CGL, BNGL
Washington Presidents 86-88 BudL
Watford Cheetahs 08 BAFL (no notes)
Watford Scorpions 89-91 BNGL
Weedon Warriors 87 YTTL
Wessex Buccaneers 95 BAFA
Wessex Stallions 03 YKL

Wessex Wildcats 85 AFL
West Bromich Comets 87 YTTL
West Bromich Fireballs 86-89 BAFL, BudL, YKL
West Bromich Vipers 93-97 BNGL, BAFA, BSL
West Coast Offense 00-present SCFFA
West Coast Tigers 96-98 SCFFA
West Coast Trojans 06- BAFL (no notes)
West Country Phoenix 95 BAFA
West Kent Wingdings 08 BAFL Flag (no notes)
West London Aces 90-93 NCMMA, NDMA
West Sussex Wolverines 93 NPL
Westhoughton Greyhounds 87 BGFL
Weston Stars 85-87 UKAFA, BudL
Weston Wolfpack 88-89 BNGL
Westside Warriors 85 non-aff
Weymouth Renegades 93 BNGL
Weymouth Warlords 88 BNGL
Whitburn Raiders 87 non-aff
White Horse Warriors 88-89 YTTL
Wick Vikings ?? non-aff
Wight Rhinos 85-93 UKAFA, BudL, BNGL
Wigan Wolverines 88 BNGL
Willenhall Jets 91 YTTL
Winchester Rifles 95-96 BAFA, BSL
Windsor Blaze 93 JFL
Windsor Monarchs 84-87 Merit, BAFF, BudL
Wirral Cardinals 95-96 JGL
Wirral Hawks 00-present YKL
Wirral Wolves 86-89 AAFC, BudL, YTTL, YKL
Witney Wildcats 86-89 BAFL, BudL, BNGL
Woking Generals 88-93 BNGL
Wolverhampton Outlaws 86-92 BudL, BNGL
Wolverhampton Vipers 98-00 BSL
Woodham Warriors 05 BYAFA (no notes)
Worcester Sorcerors 87 YTTL
Worthing Gladiators 84-85 non-aff
Worthing Guardians 93-97 YTTL, NFFA
Wrekin Giants 85-88 UKAFA, BudL, YTTL




Yate Thundercats 88-89 BNGL
Yeovil Harriers 87-89 UKAFL, SWAFL
York Vikings 89-90 BNGL
Yorkshire Rams 91-present BNGL, BAFA, BSL
York Vikings 01 BSFL
Yorvik Vikings 88 BNGL



Britball Leagues

AAFC Amateur American Football Conference 1985-1986

AFAI American Football Association of Ireland 1997-1999

BAFA British American Football Association Senior League 1994-1995

BAFF British American Football Federation 1985

BAFL British American Football League 1986, 2

BCAFL British Collegiate American Football League 1985-present

BG7 British Gridiron Sevens 1991

BGFL British Gridiron Football League 1987

BIGC British Independent Gridiron Conference 1997

BNGL British National Gridiron League 1988-1993

BSFL British Senior Flag League 1999-2003

BSL British Senior League 1996-present

BudLeague Budweiser League 1986-1989

BYAFA British Youth American Football Association 1986-present

CAFL Caledonian American Football League 1988

Capital Capital League 1987

CGL Combined Gridiron League 1989

ESFL English Senior Flag League 2004-present

IAFL Irish American Football League 1987-present

IFFA Irish Flag Football Association 1995-2000

JAFFA North West Junior Football 1987

JGL BYAFA Junior Gridiron League 1987-1994 (Two Touch)

Micro BYAFA Micro League 1989-1993

NCMMA National Conference Management and Marketing Association 1990

NDMA National Division Management Association 1990-1993

NFFA National Flag Football Association 1997-1998

NFLE National Football League Europe 1998-present

Passball National Passball League 1988-1993

NWWCAFL Northwest & Welsh Counties American Football League 1987

SCFFL Scotish Claymores Flag Football League 2000-present

SFFA Scottish Flag Football Association 2000-present

SGA Scottish Gridiron Association 1995-present

SWAFL South Western American Football League 1988-1989

SWJAFL South Western Junior American Football League 1988

SYTTL Scottish Youth Two Touch League 1987

Thistle Thistle League 1987

UKAFA United Kingdom American Football Association 1985

UKAFL United Kingdom American Football League 1987-1988

UKSC United Kingdom Sports Conference (USAF league)

WLAF World League of American Football 91-92, 95-97

YKL BYAFA Youth Kitted League 1988-present

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