Birmingham Bulls

Based: Currently: Aston Old Edwardian's Rugby Club, UCE Sports Ground (also have played at Norman Green Stadium 1994, 1993 Solihull & Alexander Stadium, Perry Barr, Birmingham Rugby Club, Portway Moor Lane, Erdington & Salford Stadium), 1991/2 - Salford Stadium, Sutton Town FC, Sutton Coldfield
Colours: White/Black/White
Honours: British champions 1995, 1991, 1988, 1986. British runners-up 2000, 1999, 1996, 1994, 1989. Eurobowl I bronze medalists. Conference champions 2005, 2000, 1998, 1996, 1992, 1991, 1989, 1988, 1986, 1985

2008 BAFL Premier 1-7-0
2007 BAFL Premier Division 3-6-1
2006 BAFL Division One Northern Conference 7-3-0*
British Senior League Division One Northern Conference 10-0-0*
2004 British Senior League Division One Northern Conference 8-1-1*
2003 British Senior League Division One Northern Conference 5-3-0*
2002 British Senior League Division One Northern Conference 8-2-0*
2001 British Senior League Division One Northern Conference 5-3-0*
2000 British Senior League Division One Northern Conference 7-1-0*
1999 British Senior League Division One National Conference 5-2-0* 
1998 British Senior League Division One Northern Conference 9-1-0*
1997 British Independent Gridirion Conference 3-3-0*
1996 British Senior League Division Two Northern Conference 10-0-0*
1995 BAFA Division One 9-1-0* 
1994 BAFA Division One 6-4-0* 
1993 NDMA Central Conference 4-6-0
1992 NDMA Southern Conference 9-1-0* 
1991 NDMA Northern Conference 9-1-0* 
1990 NDMA Northern Conference 9-1-0* 
1989 Budweiser League Midlands Conference 9-1-0* 
1988 Budweiser League National Division Midlands Conference 12-1-1*
1987 Budweiser League National Division Western Conference 7-3-0* 
1986 BAFL National League Central Conference 10-2-0*
1985 AFL Midlands Division 12-0-0*
1984 Merit table 4-3-0

Team History:

One of the oldest clubs in the UK dating back to 1984 (programme of their first game in 1984 below).

1984 article about the Bulls

1984 team photo

Consistently one of the best teams in the land, only failing to make the playoffs once. Won 4 British titles (last one in 1995) and runners up 5 times. Never had a losing season. Represented the UK in Europe in the inaugural Eurobowl, where they came third. Also had a team called Birmingham Bulls 'B' though they only played friendlies and never actually entered any formal league. Much of the current Bulls side is believed to have developed from the Bulls B team.

In 1991 new coach Sam Timer, signed Paul Bailey from Manchester Spartans. Mid season signed star American import Jeff Christmann from Blackpool Falcons, after the Falcons had sacked him. At the time boss Dave Webb said, "Jeff's a very capable player and one of the best all-round Americans to ever play in this country". Christmann would go on to star for the Bulls as they won the national title in 1991. Had 9 quality runnings backs in 1991 - Paul Bailey, David Bailey, Paul Williams, Joe St Louis, Lloyd O'Neill, Des Taylor, Mark Williams, Patrick Hunter and Jeff Christmann. After a stunning 39-38 win over London Olympians in Coke Bowl 91, veteran coach Sam Timer quit the club, as did star QB Dave Kramme. As 1991 closed, assistant coach Steve Moon was installed as the Bulls 1992 Head Coach. Moon said, "This has been my goal for 6 years, to coach the Bulls."

In 1992 Travis Hunter (formerly of Coventry) was installed as the new QB, but quit on the eve of the season to join defensive co-ordinator Ed Hopper to a German club (Kempton Comets). This led to young Brit QB Ben Moore to take over the QB role. QM David Webb said, "We shall fight on we're the number one team." Nigel Hoyte and Trevor Carthy returned to the side after 1991 with the London Monarchs. Coach Steve Moon quit after accepting a job in Lincoln and decided the travelling would be too much. US QB Jon English took over the coaching reins. English played in the NFL strikeseason and also for Tulane College. The Bulls lost 2-0 in a devastating Eurobowl defeat to the Amsterdam Crusaders immediately before Moon left the club. But Moon, came back 2 weeks later to coach on gamedays only with Colin Nash and Trevor Carthy taking on coaching duties.

In 1993 Steve Moon moved to Nottingham Hoods, and Richard Suess became Head Coach. In the process they lost Paul Bailey, Clive Loftman, Lloyd O'Neill, Mark Webb, Nigel Hoyte. Paul Williams led the ground game with signing Shane Braithwaite from UST Royals. Import QB Mike Reisterer was signed along with WR Marc Cohen, and on defense Carthy, Jamie McMullan and Colin Nash remained. After a poor start to 1993, Suess was sacked and replaced by Wayne Howard. Spokesmen Peter Biddulph said, "Dick was having problems delivering. There were no personality clashes to blame for him leaving." After a disappointing season for the Bulls, Mark Williams faced a life ban after striking an official in the vital 21-10 loss to Nottingham.

In 1994, three of their familiar backfield names were missing. Paul Williams and Lloyd O'Neill announced their retirements, and Trevor Carthy took a year away from the game. Former kicker Mark Webb returned to the club as their kicking coach, as did Dave Chambers (who ran for 96 yards on his first game back).

In 1995, lost WR Marc Cohen to the London Monarchs, but QB John Riggs signed on for another season. They were dumped out of Europe by the London Olympians, but their league form was superb starting the season 6-0. Paul Williams announced a comeback from retirement. 
Birmingham Bulls pulled off their third national success this year with an exciting 34-30 victory. In his last game for the Bulls, John Riggs was voted MVP for completing 15 of 28 for 251 yards and 3 TD's, and also running in two himself. Marc Cohen caught eight passes for 157 yards and caught two TDs.

In 1996, Dave Chambers became Head Coach and the Bulls were renamed Birmingham Bulls B as they sought to regroup in a lower division. Tim Spaull became QB, and he led them to the championship game where their old foes London Olympians turned them over 32-7.

In 1997, Chambers stepped down as coach due to work commitments, and Trevor Carthy took over.

In 2004, finished with a 8-1-1 record and routed the Yorkshire Rams 70-0 in the wild-card match. Fell 28-7 to the PA Knights in the semi-final. Record has dipped in recent years due to the emergence of the local Coventry Jets team, but the Bulls remain a BAFL Premier Division team.



Standing at Back #13 - Jock McManus #42 - Locksley Roberts #50 - Gary James #85 - Michael Hull #10 - Andrew Jefferson #79 - Paul Puffet #7  - Patrick Laird #81 - Michael Price 
Kneeling at Front #36 - Errol Perkins #77 - Steve James (US) #25 - Patrick Loftman #65 - Greg Cross #18 - Russ Jensen (US) Holding Trophy Norman "Boo" Thomas #34 Bottom Right Lloyd O'Neill #47 

Back Row #50 - Gary James #32 - Mark Williams #81 - Mikey Price #42 - Locksley Roberts #80 - Curtis Nesbitt #87 - Terence Laukam 
Front Row #51 - A.J. Taylor #13 - Jock McManus #23 - Paul Roberts #25 - Patrick Loftman Also shown Norman "Boo" Thomas (#34) (Holding Trophy) and Lloyd O'Neill (#47) Front second from right

Head Coach list:

1986 - Warren Tate
1990 - Chuck Brogdon 
1991 - Sam Timer (Boston College QB coach), Assistants Steve Moon and Lew Gittens
1992 - Steve Moon, Ed Hopper (defensive co-ordinator)
1993 - Richard Suess (axed after 2 games) replaced by Mike Reisterer and Gary Mills (offense) and Colin Nash and Jamie McMullan (D) for one game before signing Wayne Howard
1994-5 - Don Turner
1996 - Dave Chambers
1997 - Trevor Carthy
1998- 1999 Barry Driver
2007 - Chris Cunnane
2008 - Brendan Cunnane
2009 - Andy Willis
2010 - Colin Branagh


1995 - QB John Riggs, DB Pat Gregory
1994 - QB John Riggs, DB Pat Gregory
1993 - QB Michael Reisterer, DL Jamie McMullan
1992 - QB Travis Hunter, Jeff Christmann, QB Jon English
1991 - QB Dave Kramme (ex Indiana), Jeff Christmann
1990 - Dave Kramme QB,, Greg Guy TE, Wade Lockett WR, DL Dave Shrader
1989 - Bob Shoop, James Thornton
1988 - Russ Jensen, James Thornton, Greg Harris, Bob Shoop
1986 - Lloyd Queen


1990  -  Colin Nash, Trevor Carthy, Joe St Louis (1990), Dave Stanton, CB Paul Roberts 
1991- Paul Bailey, Mark Williams, Joe St Louis, Lloyd O'Neill

Games notes:

17th April 2005 - Stuart Ennis passed for 5TDs vs Gateshead Senators
7th July 1996 - Anthony Perkins ran for 205 yards on 19 carries vs Staffordshire Surge
4th June 1995 - Shane Braithwaite ran for 150 yards and 3 TDs vs Storm Bombardiers
9th April 1995 - Shane Braithwaite ran for a club record 228 yards on 20 carries vs Rotterdam Trojans
3rd July 1994 - Marc Cohen caught 16 for 189 yards. John Riggs passed for 317 yards
16th May 1993 - Paul Williams passed 2,000 career rushing yards vs Northants Storm
19th July 1992 - Joe St Louis ran for 148 yards off just 9 carries vs Essex Gladiators
4th July 1992 - Mike Price caught his 100th pass of his career vs Thames Valley
11th May 1991 - Club rushed for 496 yards vs Manchester Spartans. Paul Bailey running for 143 yards on 10 carries
17th June 1990 Kramme threw for 399 yards vs Fylde
22nd April 1990 - QB Dave Kramme threw for 325yds and 4TDs vs London Olympians


Colours: White/Red/white
Website: No
Honours: British champions 1994. British runners-up 1995, 1990. Conference champions 1994, 1992. National youth flag runners up 2002

Youth Kitted

2001 BYAFA Northern Conference 0-6-0
1996 BYAFA Northern Division 3-2-0* Beat Cambridge 34-14 in quarter-finals, but lost 22-14 to Lancashire Wolverines in semi-finals
1995 BYAFA Northern Division 5-0-0* Beat Cambridge 60-0 in quarter-finals, beat Leicester Hurricanes 46-6 in semi-finals. Lost final 38-28 to London Capitals.
1994 BYAFA Northern Division 8-0-0* Beat Gloucester Gladiators 60-0 in quarter-finals, beat Tiger Bay Warriors 32-14 in semi-finals. Won final 30-22 against Farnham Knights
1993 BYAFA Northern Division 4-2-0* Lost 30-18 to Southend Sabres in quarter-finals
1992 BYAFA Western Division 2-0-0* Beat Manchester Spartans 54-0 in 1st round of playoffs. Lost quarter-final 12-6 to Glasgow Lions
1991 BYAFA Midlands Conference 2nd* Lost 34-20 to Steel City Warriors in quarter-finals
1990 NDMA Kitted League Central Conference 5-3-0* Beat London Olympians 30-18 in 1st round of playoffs, and then beat Fylde Falcons 30-12 in semi-finals. Lost final 32-12 to Northants Storm
1989 NDMA Kitted League 4-2-0* Lost semi-final 13-0 to London Olympians

Youth Flag

2002 Youth Flag National runners-up - Lost title game 40-34 to Leicester Eagles

Youth Two Touch

1987 Youth Two Touch League Midlands Conference 6-2-0*

Team Notes: Youth side of the Birmingham Bulls. Made playoffs as a Two Touch side in 1987. Turned kitted in 1988, and won the Youth Kitted Bowl in 1994. Runners up in 1995 and 1990. Made playoffs in every year as a youth kitted side between 1989 and 1996. Returned in 2001 with little success.

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