2001 College News

10th December 2001 - BCAFL Week 7 results

UEA Pirates 7-6 Essex Blades
Southampton Stags 14-28 David Chorley Bullets
Birmingham Lions 42-0 Reading Knights
Loughborough Aces 50-13 Staffordshire Stallions
Hull Sharks 44-0 Newcastle Mariners


The David Chorley International (www.davidchorley.co.uk) sponsored Bristol Bullets (www.eteamz.com/bristolbullets) travelled to Southampton to take on the Stags. The Bullets were looking to preserve their unbeaten record and beat their bitter rivals for the first time in club history. 

The David Chorley Bullets adjusted to the playing surface well, water-based Astroturf, and looked to be the hungrier team in the opening half. It showed when Bullets’ Defensive Tackle Sadiq Mohammed (#69) forced a fumble midway through the first quarter, which was recovered by Linebacker Brad Tysarczyk (#48) and Mohammed made a crucial block to help Tysarczyk return the fumble for the opening score. The PAT didn’t get off, and the Bullets Defence held strong throughout the quarter. 

The Bullets drove the ball well in the Second quarter, with great blocking from the right side of the offensive line from rookie Guard Chris O’Callahagn and Irish International Charlie Wilson, and capitalised when NFLe trialist Kenny Saro ran the ball in for a touchdown from the 3 yard line. A pass from Southern Universities’ Wildcats QB Chris Speed to Second Year Tight End Charlie Saker secured the two-point conversion. The David Chorley Bullets Defence held the Stags on a goal line series and kept the score at 14-0 going into halftime. 

Southampton capitalised in the second quarter when Kulthan Yelan recovered a Bullets fumble and returned the ball 20 yards for the Stags first points of the game. Southampton converted the 2 point attempt when QB Davin Jones connected with Fullback Nick Michael for the score. The David Chorley Bullets hit back when running back Kenny Saro ran in his second score of the day from 12 yards out, but failed to convert the 2 point attempt. 

The Bullets injury hit defensive line were getting good pressure on Stags QB Jones in the fourth quarter. Bullets’ and GB Bulldogs Defensive Tackle Lee Richards hit Jones as he threw the ball in the fourth quarter but it wasn’t enough, Jones connected with Stags receiver Ben Webb on a perfect pass into double coverage for a 35 yard score. The Stags failed to convert the ensuing 2 point attempt. The Bullets sealed the historic victory when Kenny Saro ran in from the 1 yard line and QB Chris Speed hit the Honourable Edward Tryon to convert the 2 point attempt. 

The David Chorley Bullets won against the Stags for the first time in the club’s ten year history in a great game, only marred by Southampton’s bad sportsmanship. The Bullets will look to continue their unbeaten run into 2002, when they play Bath and Plymouth twice, with playoff competition beckoning.

Report courtesy of Charlie Wilson

5th December 2001 - BCAFL Week 6 results

PA Surrey Stingers 42-6 Essex Blades
Hertfordshire Hurricanes 27-0 UEA Pirates
Bath Killer Bees 29-8 Southampton Stags
Tarannau Aberystwyth 34-46 David Chorley Bullets
Loughborough Aces 20-8 Cardiff Cobras
Reading Knights 6-35 Warwick Wolves
Lancaster Bombers 8-52 Strathclyde Hawks
Glasgow Tigers 6-21 Stirling Clansmen
UT Cougars 12-19 Hull Sharks
Newcastle Mariners 0-14 Sheffield Sabres
Derby Braves P-P Nottingham Outlaws
Staffordshire Stallions P-P Leicester Lemmings

26th November 2001 - BCAFL Week 5 results

UKC Falcons 0-6 PA Surrey Stingers
Leicester Lemmings 34-6 UEA Pirates
Bath Killer Bees 3-28 Tarannau Aberystwyth
David Chorley Bullets p-p Reading Knights
Plymouth Blitz 0-22 Southampton Stags
Warwick Wolves 0-6 Oxford Cavaliers
Stirling Clansmen 39-16 Lancaster Bombers
Strathclyde Hawks 6-38 Glasgow Tigers
Hull Sharks 19-8 Sheffield Sabres
UT Cougars 50-12 Leeds Celtics
Derby Braves 6-21 Loughborough Aces
Nottingham Outlaws 0-33 Staffordshire Stallions

25th November 2001 - GB Bulldogs website and plans for 2002

The GB Bulldogs team trial will be held on Saturday 11th May 2002, in preparation for their fixtures later that year. They plan to face the Nordic Thunder from Denmark, and the French Under 23 national team before flying out on Wednesday 4th September on a 11 day tour of the US where they have confirmed fixtures with Lakeland College (www.lakeland.edu) on Saturday 7th Sept and Carthage College (www.carthage.edu) on Tuesday 10th Sept (a night time game).

For full information on the Bulldogs go to their website at http://www.eteamz.com/gbbulldogs/

19th November 2001 - BCAFL Week 4 results

Essex Blades 6-28 PA Surrey Stingers
Southampton Stags 12-7 Hertfordshire Hurricanes
UEA Pirates 11-8 UKC Falcons
Bath Killer Bees 42-12 Plymouth Blitz
Staffordshire Stallions 20-0 Cardiff Cobras
Reading Knights 0-62 Tarannau Aberystwyth
Birmingham Lions 53-0 Warwick Wolves
Oxford Cavaliers 18-14 Loughborough Aces
Strathclyde Hawks 12-12 Lancaster Bombers (OT)
Stirling Clansmen 36-30 Glasgow Tigers (OT)
Leicester Lemmings 12-13 Hull Sharks
Sheffield Sabres 18-8 Leeds Celtics
Newcastle Mariners 0-54 UT Cougars
Nottingham Outlaws 14-24 Derby Braves

The latest BCAFL tables can be found on the BCAFL official site at the
following link http://WWW.BCAFL.ORG/cgi-bcafl/scores/display.pl

12th November 2001 - BCAFL Week 3 results

Essex Blades 6-28 UEA Pirates
Leicester Lemmings 22-27 Hertfordshire Hurricanes
UKC Falcons 20-0 Reading Knights
PA Surrey Stingers 22-16 Southampton Stags
Cardiff Cobras 6-6 Bath Killer Bees
Tarannau Aberystwyth 6-30 Glasgow Lions
Oxford Cavaliers p-p Birmingham Lions
Newcastle Mariners 0-56 Stirling Clansmen
Sheffield Sabres 20-16 Strathclyde Hawks
Derby Braves 26-6 Hull Sharks
Leeds Celtics 6-18 Staffordshire Stallions
Loughborough Aces 40-6 Nottingham Outlaws

11th November 2001 - Opening BCAFL results

BCAFL Week 1

Hertfordshire Hurricanes 19-35 PA Surrey Stingers
UKC Falcons 6-12 Nottingham Outlaws
Stirling Clansmen 60-0 Leeds Celtics

BCAFL Week 2

Warwick Wolves 26-0 Essex Blades
Hertfordshire Hurricanes 37-6 UKC Falcons
UEA Pirates 6-8 Derby Braves
Plymouth Blitz 0-29 Bath Killer Bees
David Chorley Bullets 6-0 Cardiff Cobras
Southampton Stags 0-14 Oxford Cavaliers
Tarannau Aberystwyth 13-14 Birmingham Lions
Glasgow Tigers 56-2 Lancaster Bombers
Strathclyde Hawks 18-0 Stirling Clansmen
Leeds Celtics 6-13 Newcastle Mariners
Sheffield Sabres 12-51 UT Cougars
Nottingham Outlaws 0-26 Leicester Lemmings
Staffordshire Stallions 8-42 Loughborough Aces

9th November 2001 - Bullets announce 2001/2002 sponsorship package

The Bullets (www.eteamz.com/bristolbullets) have announced their sponsorship package for the upcoming BCAFL season. The Bullets welcome David Chorley International (www.davidchorley.co.uk), a London based accountancy recruitment company with regional offices in Swindon, as their major sponsors for their College Bowl XVI campaign. The deal includes the rebranding of the team from the Bristol Bullets to the David Chorley Bullets to promote the services of David Chorley International amongst the fast growing Bristol undergraduate population. 

The first year of the grounbreaking deal enables the Bullets to kit an additional 20+ players, a key factor in being able to compete with the established BCAFL big boys. Bullets President Charlie Wilson commented: "We realised at the end of last season that in order to advance as a club, and be able to compete for a spot in the Bowl game, we needed to be able to kit out a squad of 50+ players. Myself and former Bullet Mike Ogilvie managed to negotiate an ongoing deal with David Chorley International which should help ensure the Bullets future and lead to a first ever trip to playoff competition in 2001/2."

11th July 2001 - Oxford Cavaliers announce coaching lineup for 2001/2002 season

The following is the coaching staff for the 2001 Cavaliers: Phil De Monte, Head Coach/Offensive Coordinator, Nick Wood, Asst Head, Coach/Special Teams and Defensive Co-Coordinator, Richard Phipps, Defensive Co-Coordinator and Linebackers Coach, David Willams, Defensive Secondary Coach Matt Justice, Wide Receivers Defensive Secondary Coach Gavin Collins, Offensive Line Coach/Offensive Assistant, Simon Fennell, Defensive Line Coach.

The Cavaliers won College Bowl XV with a thrilling 26-23 victory against the Loughborough Aces in March.

26th June 2001 - Wildcats win Allstar game 7-3

The BCAFL Southern Wildcats won the BCAFL Allstar match in a game dominated by defense. Andy Okito's (Birmingham Lions) 23-yard run in the third quarter put the Wildcats 7-3 up. A lead they would hang onto for the rest of the game. Nick Michael of the Southampton Stags won the MVP award.

26th June 2001 - BCAFL announce MVP awards

The BCAFL announced their 2000-2001 MVP awards at the weekend. They were as follows: Coach of the year - Phil DeMonte Oxford, League MVP - Broderick Bagert Oxford, Offensive MVP - Andrew Otiko Birmingham, Defensive MVP - Heff Davies Cardiff & Lineman of the year - Michael Hartley Loughborough.

15th June 2001 - GB Bulldogs coaching staff announced

The coaching staff for the GB Bulldogs has been announced. Head Coach:Tony Athersmith. Offensive Co-ordinator: Surjinder Johal. Defensive Co-ordinator: Jake Box. Special Teams: Jon Wyse. Offensive Assistant Coach: Richard Worsell. Wide Receivers: Stuart Ross RunningBacks: Jay Alexander. Offensive Line: Paul Sherratt. Defensive Line: Wayne Hill. Defensive Backs: David Williams

13th May 2001 - BCAFL Friendly Result

Southampton Stags 26-6 Plymouth Blitz

25th March 2001 - Oxford win College Bowl XV in thrilling fashion

In a fantastic advertisement for the college game, the Oxford Cavaliers won College Bowl XV 26-23 against the Loughborough Aces after scoring the go-ahead TD late in the game.

Against a grey sky and chilly temperatures, both teams played with enough fire to end the California energy crisis.

The Aces won the coin toss and elected to receive the ball and moved the chains once but were forced to punt. The famous Aces defense rose to the occasion and force the Cavaliers to punt after 3 plays. The Aces got things going offensively for both teams with a 10 play touchdown drive. A 12 catch by Liggat and a Ollie Jay keeper for 18 yards set up the Murphy TD from 5 yards out. The PAT went wide.

Oxford got their offense rolling after the kickoff as a 11 play drive saw Oxford hit the endzone. A Lucas to Riemann catch for 16 yards, a Muyiwa Bademosi 12 yard run in addition to a 15 yard facemask penalty set up a Lucas to Bagert TD catch from 14 yards out. The two point conversion was unsuccessful.

There was no scoring in the second quarter so both teams went into halftime on a equal footing at 6 points each.

Oxford got the ball to start the third quarter but the Aces held tough as the forced the Cavaliers to punt. The Aces also failed to move the sticks but middle linebacker Rob D'Amato came up big and blocked J. Cordingley's punt and the Cav's found themselves sitting in great field position on the Aces 33 yard line. Bagert caught a Lucas pass for 6, then ran off tackle for another 7 before Lucas found Tim Riemann on the sideline from 20 yards out. Again, the Cavaliers failed to convert the 2 pointer.

The Aces came firing back with a 8 play 64 yard TD drive that was scored by Leon Cordingley. QB Paul Sherratt found Ollie Jay with a 18 yard shovel pass, ran a sneak for 8 yards before hitting Ollie Jay again with a 17 yard pass. This set up touchdown time for Primetime as he ran the sweep to perfection from 11 yards out. The Studer's PAT was good and the Aces were back in the lead 13 - 12.

Photo: E.Charrington

The ensuring kickoff went Loughborough's way as Studer's kick went short and the Cavaliers fumbled on their own 36 yard line as C. Neil came up with the ball. 11 plays later saw Paul Sherratt hit the endzone from 4 yards out on a QB keeper. Studer again hit the PAT and the Cavaliers were on the short end of a 20 to 12 deficit.

Oxford got the ball back with 0:29 seconds left in the third, and Bagert came up big on a screen pass that he worked into a 51 yard gain. It was pulled back 15 yards for a block below the waist, but the Cav's were on fire. This ended the third quarter ended and at the start of the fourth, a Loughborough penalty set up Jason Lucas hitting Muyiwa Bademosi from 18 yards out for the six points. Two Loughborough penalties moved the ball to the 6 inch line which proved crucial as Bagert powered in the 2 point conversion. With 14:16 left in the game, the scoreline was even at 20 each.

The Aces moved the sticks several times on the ensuing kickoff, but was forced to try for a field goal which Studer hit from 34 yards. This moved the Aces out in front again leading by the score of 23 to 20.

With 9:31 left on the clock, the Cavs got ready to move the ball again. Bagert took the kickoff 22 yards to the Loughborough 47. Bagert moved the ball six yards on the ground but a holding call moved it back 10. Two incomplete passes saw the Cav's facing a 3rd and 14, but Lucas found a falling down Bagert 28 yards downfield. Bagert held on to the ball and the Cav's still had some life left. Bagert moved the sticks again after picking up 16 one the ground, and Muyiwa (Doc) Bademosi ensured himself in the Cavaliers history books by hitting the endzone from 13 yards out, outrunning the Loughborough defense. The two point conversion failed and the Aces got ready to get the ball back.

With 7:26 left on the clock, Liggert moved the kickoff out to the the Aces 37 yard line. The Oxford defense went to work on protecting the slim lead. Murphy moved the ball four yards, but a hit on Leon Cordingley by Rhrodi Coleman saw Cordingley fumble the ball but quickly recover it. An errant pass saw fit to the Aces punt the ball away to the Cavaliers with 5:21 left on the game clock.

Bademosi moved the ball 5 yards to the Oxford 22, where Bagert then moved the sticks as he ran for 16 yards. Bademosi moved the ball for 8 yards before Lucas kept the ball himself and rumbled 6 yards as the sticks moved again. The Aces defense went into high gear and forced the Cavaliers to punt with 2:55 left on the clock.

The Aces sensed a last chance as Murphy moved the ball 17 yards. Two plays later saw Paul Sherratt being sacked by John Barclay as the two minute warning went.

Sherratt went looking down field for Thomas but Justice was unjustly hit with a pass interference call. 

With 1:46 left on the clock and camped at the Oxford 46, Sherratt missed Studer, then got sacked again by Barclay and Matt Moorcroft. Faced with 3rd
and 18 Liggatt was the intended receiver and on 4th down Mikey (Dirty Bird) tipped away the deep pass. 

With 1:07 on the clock and no time outs left Loughborough could not stop the game clock, prevent Lucas from taking a knee and the Cavaliers winning their
first BCAFL Championship.

The Oxford Cavaliers following their College Bowl triumph
Photo: E.Charrington

The College Bowl MVP was Broderick Bagert. Bagert had 75 yards on the ground, 118 through the air, and a TD. J. Murphy led the Aces offense with 140 yards on 27 carries. Lucas went 10 for 25, 182 yards and 3 TD's. Bademosi in his rookie year lead all scorers in College Bowl XV with 12 points.

Oxford's Rob D'Amato led all defenders with 16 solo, 6 assisted tackles and a blocked punt. The Cavaliers Rhodri Coleman had 11 solo, 3 assisted and a forced fumble.

The Aces M. Terry led Loughborough with 7 solo and 1 assisted. Leon Cordingley had 6 solo tackles, 1 pass defended, one special team tackle, 1 special team fumble recovery and 1 offensive fumble recovery.

25th March 2001 - Plymouth Blitz and Essex Blades accepted into BCAFL for 2001/2002 season

Following the BCAFL AGM in Leicester on Friday night, the Plymouth Blitz and the Essex Blades were both accepted into the BCAFL for the 2001/2002 season. The Blitz will join the Western Division in the Southern Conference along with the Cardiff Cobras, Southampton Stags, Bristol Bullets and the Bath Killer Bees. The Blades will join the Eastern Division in the Southern Conference along with the Hertfordshire Hurricanes, UEA Pirates, UKC Falcons and the Surrey Stingers. 

Final BCAFL rankings for 2000/2001


Oxford Cavaliers (10-1-0)


Loughborough Aces (8-3-0)


Birmingham Lions (8-3-0)


Teesside Cougars (7-2-1)


Cardiff Cobras (7-1-1)


Hertfordshire Hurricanes (7-2-1)


Staffordshire Stallions (6-3-1)


Glasgow Tigers (5-4-1)


Hull Sharks (6-3-0)


Southampton Stags (5-3-1)


Leicester Lemmings (5-3-1)


Stirling Clansmen (4-3-1)


Lancaster Bombers (3-5-0)


Derby Braves (4-3-1)


UEA Pirates (4-4-1)


Bristol Bullets (4-4-0)


Surrey Stingers (3-4-1)


Leeds Celtics (2-4-2)


Bath Killer Bees (2-4-2)


Nottingham Outlaws (2-6-0)


Strathclyde Hawks (2-5-1)


Warwick Wolves (2-6-0)


Reading Knights (2-6-0)


UKC Falcons (1-7-0)


Sheffield Sabres (1-7-0)


Tarannau Aberystwyth (0-8)


Newcastle Mariners (0-6-2)


Plymouth Blitz


Essex Blades

5th March 2001 - Calling all Bristol Bullets oldboys

Bristol Bullets American Football Club will be entering their tenth season in the 2001/2002 BCAFL season and as a celebration of this will be holding an Old Boys game in September of this year. Any old boys are welcome to play or help out on the coaching staff. Mail Chaz Wilson at BristolBullets@aol.com if you are interested.

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