2002 Adult Kitted news


The second outing of Sussex Thunder's new look young squad on Sunday saw valuable lessons learnt as they slipped to a 20-0 defeat against College side Bath Killer Bees. 

Although Thunder were confident after last week's strong win, the lack of game experience was apparent as they faced a well organised and experienced Killer Bees squad that just missed out on the BCAFL play-offs last season. 

Thunder struggled to find a cohesive consistency in the first half but thanks to a hard-working defence they only trailed 6-0 at the half.

Sussex Thunder will return in 2003 after friendlies in 2002

The third quarter belonged solidly to the Killer Bees as a well drilled offence tucked away two TDs and a 2 point conversion but the fourth period saw the Sussex lads putting into practice some of the lessons learned.

They mounted two strong drives one of them almost producing an elusive but deserved touchdown. The drive began on the Sussex 20-yard line and strong running by the ground attack moved the ball 60 yards to the Bath 20.  A catch and go by Serge Abdelkader saw the wideout just step out of bounds at the 10 yard line but tenacious Killer Bees tackling stopped any further progress and the game wound up at 20-0.

Despite the loss Thunder head coach Rich Worsell was not completely disappointed.  The fourth quarter fight-back, although without the reward of a score, demonstrated good character and a heartening tightening up of performance.

Highlight performances came from Abdelkader, Linebacker Scott Roberts and Running Back Jon Houston.

Coach Worsell is confident that weaknesses can be ironed out before Thunder make their first home appearance in Brighton for over two years on 17th November.

The game will take place at their new home base, Brighton Rugby Club, Waterhall, Mill Road, Brighton against new team Nene Valley Hybrids.  Kick-off is 1pm.

Details and information about Sussex Thunder can be found on www.sussex-thunder.co.uk or by telephoning Secretary Gary Whitfield on 01 273 596060 or Chairman Tony Miller on 01 273 382925.

Some of the Exiles awards winners (back row - Gary Mewse, Rob Osborn, Paul Pester. Front row - Martin Jefkins, Steve Collison, Mat Tompsett).  

Action from the Essex v Sussex Thunder game

Kent Exiles 8-28 Oxford Saints

The Kent Exiles played their final game off the season on Sunday, having failed to make the playoffs, and rounded out a disappointing season with a 28-8 loss to the Oxford Saints. The game could not have started better for the Exiles, they pinned the Saints back with a great opening kick-off from Mark Evans, with Nigel Fox making a great tackle on the return, and then the defence stepped in forcing and recovering a Saints fumble inside the 20 yard line The offence then took the field, Andy Mountain completed a quick pass to Kris Maciolek, and Lee Nash rumbled for a couple of yards to bring up third and 2, where the Saints defence held. The Exiles elected to kick for three points but Mat Tompsett's attempted field goal was too low and was blocked at the line of scrimmage, From where the Saints took the ball. The Exiles game then crumbled, after having held the Saints running game once again, the Saints completed a quick pass on third and long and two missed tackles later the receiver was in the endzone having scored on a 74 yard play, the point after was missed but the Saints had a 6-0 lead. The Exiles offence then went three and out on the next series, handing the ball back to the Saints, and allowed them another soft touchdown. Again some poor tackling let the Saints score from a long way out, this time on a 65 yard run. The 2 point attempt was good and the Saints led 14-0 two drives into the first quarter.

The Exiles Colin Field took the kick-off back 22 yards to the 35 yard line to start the next drive, and this time it was the Exiles turn to hit the Saints on a long play, Quarterback Andy Mountain found receiver Martin Jefkins on a short pass over the middle, and for the second week in succession the receiver outpaced the defence to score, this week from 65 yards out. The snap on the extra point was high, but Mat Tompsett lofted the ball to Roy Hall who out leaped two Saints defenders for the catch and the 2 points, leaving the Exiles trailing 14-8 as the first quarter ended.

Exiles WR Martin Jefkins running in for their TD
Photo courtesy of Martin Jefkins

The second quarter started with the Saints on the ball, and disaster once again befell the Exiles defence who let up another big play for a touchdown, this time on a 74 yard run, as well as the extra point to give the Saints a 21-8 lead before half time. The second quarter then turned into a defensive affair with both teams moving very little before punting the ball away as the searing heat began to take its toll on some of the players, leaving the halftime score still at 21-8.

The Exiles defence then began to take control of themselves, and consistently stopped the Saints for the whole third quarter, but despite some good play from Lee Nash at running back and Nigel Fox and Roy Hall on receptions the Exiles could not find the endzone, and the quarter ended with the score still at 21-8.

The Exiles came out throwing the ball even more in the 4th quarter, but still could not break another play open, or drive the ball into the endzone, the Saints found the endzone once more at the end of the game after Andy Mountain was picked off and the ball returned to the 3 yard line, from where it took the Saints four plays to score, as the Exiles defence continued their second half form, they added the extra point to leave the final score 28-8.

This result confirmed the Exiles record at 1 win, 7 losses and 1 tie on the season.

Match report - Kent Exiles 6-14 Sabres AFC

The Exiles played their penultimate game versus the Southend based Sabres on Sunday, and despite playing some of their best football this year, came away again losing to a playoff bound team. The game started well for the Exiles as they took the opening kick-off and drove downfield to the Sabres 30 yard line, but an interception by the Sabres defense prevented an early lead being taken, the Exiles defense then took over and showed the Sabres that they would be in for a tough game, some great tackling by Tony Bainbridge and Carl Alexis showed just what the defense can do, and the Sabres soon turned the ball back over to the Exiles.

These first two drives set the tone for the rest of the half, with the Exiles defense in dominating form, Hayden Webber grabbed his 4th interception of the season and rookie Stephen Collison continuing his impressive form by recovering a fumble, whilst the offense started on several drives without being able to get close enough to drive the ball into the endzone. This left the game finely poised at 0-0 at half time.

The Sabres fielded the kick-off to start the second half, and returned it to the half way line, but could not begin to move the ball after that, Tony Bainbridge and Paul Pester this time closing the door in the middle of the pitch. A poor punt would have given the Exiles possession on the 32yard line, but a personal foul penalty moved them back to their own 17 to start their next drive. The penalty turned out to be of no importance, and infact helped to set a new Exiles record, as they turned up the heat on the Sabres, with quarterback Andy Mountain finding receiver Martin Jefkins with a pinpoint pass on the sideline, and the speedy receiver outpaced the Sabres defense for an 83 yard touchdown, the longest in club history. It was the first of two records for the receiver on the day, as he finished the game with 8 receptions for 145 yards and the touchdown, also setting the standard for receiving yardage in a game. The extra point was no good, leaving the Exiles leading by 6-0. The third quarter continued as the rest of the game, both teams unable to move the ball much until the Sabres managed to drive to the Exiles 20 yard line late on, but another Sabres turnover gave possession back to the Exiles. This time it was a personal foul penalty that hurt the Exiles as they were backed up to their own 7 yard line as the fourth quarter started, unable to punch the ball out, the Exiles punted from deep in their own half, and gave the Sabres their best field position of the day.

Action from the Exiles v Sabres (green) game
Photo courtesy of Martin Jefkins

Seeing their playoff hopes disappearing the Sabres offense stepped it up a gear, completing a short pass, and for once gaining good yardage up the middle, they drove to the Exiles 2 yard line from where they punched the ball in and added the 2 point conversion to take an 8-6 lead. The Exiles offense then took over again, Andy Mountain completing passes to Roy Hall and Martin Jefkins on a nice looking drive, until the Sabres managed their only sack of the day, and forced an incompletion on fourth down handing them the ball back. The Exiles defense then began to tire a little, and an injury to their run stopping defensive lineman Carl Alexis, allowed the Sabres a little more room to run the ball, and despite a brave stand at the goal line they succumbed to a second score, and the score stood at it's final 14-6. With only 1 minute 16 seconds left on the clock, the Exiles could not find the endzone, and fell to the now playoff bound Sabres. After the game Exiles Head Coach Nick Cursley was proud of his teams achievements, and commented,

"Although this hurts as much as any loss, I know that all my players left the pitch knowing that they could not have done any more. The Sabres are a good team, and we wish them well in the playoffs".

The Exiles had some great players on the day, Tony Bainbridge led the team with 16 tackles and two fumble recoveries to earn himself the defensive most valuable player honour, he was closely followed by Mat Tompsett with 15 tackles and Paul Pester with 11 ,Paul scooped the Special teams MVP for his great coverage as well as a fumble recovery on a muffed Sabres punt. Martin Jefkins walked off with the offensive MVP after his record breaking day, Quarterback Andy Mountain finished with 18 completions for 219 yards, and Roy Hall continued his good form with 6 receptions for 46 yards. The Exiles can be contacted by calling Dave on 01689 831207 or Martin on 07944 730634, or by e-mailing Kent.Exiles@BTInternet.com

16th July 2002 - BSL Week 13 results

Division One North

Redditch Arrows 26-44 Gateshead Senators
Birmingham Bulls 83-0 Lancashire Wolverines 
Chester Romans 0-64 East Kilbride Pirates

Division One South

London Mets 34-25 Ipswich Cardinals
PA Knights 48-0 Southern Sundevils

Division Two North

Glasgow Tigers 40-21 Merseyside Nighthawks
Yorkshire Rams 27-12 Nottingham Caesars

Division Two South

Plymouth Admirals 51-28 South Wales Warriors

8th July 2002 - BSL Week 12 results

Division One North

East Kilbride Pirates 12-9 Birmingham Bulls
Redditch Arrows 0-16 Lancashire Wolverines
Gateshead Senators 20-0 Chester Romans

Division One South

Bristol Aztecs 0-18 London Mets
Southern Sundevils 3-31 PA Knights

Division Two North

Merseyside Nighthawks 24-6 Glasgow Tigers
East Midlands Saxons 8-16 Staffordshire Surge

Division Two South

South Wales Warriors 0-9 Cambridgeshire Cats
Essex Spartans 14-0 Chiltern Cheetahs
Sabres 16-6 Oxford Saints


Chiltern faced Essex Spartans for the first time ever when they travelled to Basildon on Sunday in a game their needed to win to stand any chance of making the end of season play-off's. It would have been the first time back in the play-off since 1997 when they lost to Bristol Aztecs in the Final, but to do this the Cheetahs would first have to do something that no other Chiltern team has done in it's 16 years of existence, and that was win on an Astro pitch.

Essex kicked off and both sides exchanged punts then Chiltern offence picked up a couple of first downs with some good running by Khaled Miah on runs off 11, 17 & 9 yards with Spencer Whybrow adding another 9 yards, but failed to gain much yardage once in the Spartans half.

In the Second quarter a Chiltern fumble was recovered by the Spartans dept into Chiltern's half and soon scored a touchdown on Quarterback Aaron Griffiths 1 Yard sneak. The extra point kick was blocked by Chiltern's Darron Mayhew only for the loss ball to fall into the hands on Essex's Andrew Buckley who ran into the corner of the End zone for two points (8 - 0). Good luck was had again by Essex on the Kick-off  with the Ball bouncing over the pitch to be recovered by the Spartans before a Chiltern player could get to it.  The Cheetahs defence soon got the ball back with Abdul Lawal forcing a fumble recovered by Justin Day. But just as the Offence started to moving the ball down field with pass completion's to Conrad Patrick and David Fowler the half ended (8 - 0)

In the second half good work by the Cheetahs defence in stopping the Spartans running attack and Cornerback Ben Dunmore interception of Griffiths, lifted the Cheetahs offence as Quarterback Deniz Karagulle completed three straight passes to Spencer Whybrow and a 15 yard run a David Fowler moved the ball down field until a Karagulle pass was intercepted Matthew Price.

In the 4th Quarter the ball hardly crossed into the Essex half as Spartans Joseph Norris picked off a Karagulle pass then David Fowler had another pass intercepted on Chiltern's next drive, which the Spartans offence capitalised on with a 26 yard Touchdown pass from Griffiths to wide receiver Ken Wanlass, with a failed extra point passing attempt to leave a 14 - 0 score line with less then 2 minutes left in the game. But the Spartans Defence held out for the win as Chiltern still look for that first win on an artificial pitch.

Chiltern's head coach, Len Scott said that his team had shown great spirit this season to finish with a 3 - 4 - 1 record as it was a young inexperienced side that had only 4 players still on in it's squad from last year.

3rd July 2002 – BSL Week 11 results

Division One North

Birmingham Bulls 56-0 Gateshead Senators
Lancashire Wolverines 0-38 East Kilbride Pirates

Division One South

Ipswich Cardinals 9-21 PA Knights
London Blitz 6-32 London Mets
Bristol Aztecs 0-21 Southern Sundevils

Division Two North

East Midland Saxons 0-41 Nottingham Caesars
Glasgow Tigers 16-12 Staffordshire Surge

Division Two South

Norwich Devils 31-0 Cambridgeshire Cats
South Wales Warriors 38-8 Essex Spartans
Oxford Saints 0-12 Chiltern Cheetahs

Match report - OXFORD SAINTS   0-12  CHILTERN CHEETAHS   (H/T 0 - 12)

Chiltern travelled to Oxford on Sunday looking to get back on the winning trail after last weeks loss to Southend.  Both sides where missed key players as Oxford where looking to reverse the 12 - 6 win by the Cheetahs 3 weeks ago. Chiltern's Abdul Lawal recovered his first of three Oxford fumbles on the Saint's first drive to give the Cheetahs good field position. Chilterns offence picked up a couple of first downs with some good running by Luke Foster and Lawal to set up Deniz Karagulle 1 Yard touchdown run, with the extra point no good (0 - 6).  It was Lawal again that set up Chilterns second score of the game, this time in the second quarter with his second fumble recovery. Karagulle's 5 yard touchdown pass to Owen Thomas in his first game for the Cheetahs to increased the lead to 12 as again the extra point failed.  Good defensive work by the cheetahs stopped Oxford from driving into scoring range with sacks being recorded by Alan Porter, Owen Thomas and Ian Panton on the final play of the half (0 - 12).

Oxford came out the stronger in at the start of the second half, forcing the Cheetahs offence three and out and then started to moved the ball down field until another fumble recovered by Lawal stopped their drive. Neither side same close to scoring in the until the 4th quarter when again the good running attack by Chiltern's Luke Foster, Ian Panton and Khaled Miah moved the ball to the Oxford 2 yard line, only to be stopped by Oxford's Defence on a 4th down attempt. Chiltern's defence kept Oxford away for the scoring zone and did not allow Oxford to complete any passing attempts for the hole game. The win, Chiltern's 3rd of the season now puts them back into the Play-off frame with a 3-4-1 record as they finish their league fixtures next week, travelling to Essex to face the Spartans.

24th June 2002 - BSL Week 10 results

Division One South

London Mets 6-20 PA Knights
Bristol Aztecs 0-26 Ipswich Cardinals
Southern Sundevils 12-14 London O's

Division One North

Birmingham Bulls 20-30 East Kilbride Pirates
Gateshead Senators 46-44 Lancashire Wolverines

Division Two South

Chiltern Cheetahs 6-16 Sabres
Kent Exiles 7-26 South Wales Warriors
Plymouth Admirals 24-51 Norwich Devils

Division Two North

East Midland Saxons 18-20 Merseyside Nighthawks
Staffordshire Surge 14-34 Nottingham Caesars

Match report: CHILTERN CHEETAHS 6 - 16 SABRES (H/T 6 - 8)

A close
 battle was played on Sunday at Amersham & Chiltern Rugby Club as the Cheetahs entertained the Sabres from Southend. Chiltern Kick-off and some good running by the Sabres offence on their first drive nearly opened the scoring, but failed to convert a 4th down in the scoring zone. Chiltern's offence where slow in getting going as both sides pushed for the opening score with came in the 2nd quarter by Sabres running back James Thomas on a 1 yard run. Thomas then run in the extra point (0 - 8). With a 1:44 let in the half Chiltern's Deniz Karagulle short pass found Quantez Scroggins who ran 35 yards for the Touchdown. The same pair combined on the extra point attempt, but Scroggins was tackled before the end zone, leaving the Sabres in a 2 point advantage at the half (6 - 8).

The 3rd quarter was controlled by both team Defences as neither side came close to scoring, and it looked the same in the 4th quarter but with turnovers and Chiltern Nick Michael picked off a James Dawson pass but only for Sabres Lee Walsh to Interception Karagulle on the next play. Sabres Justin Moreton picked off another Karagulle pass with less the 2 minutes left in the game and returned it into the scoring zone, as 3 plays later Thomas scored again, this time from 2 yards out, then completed the scoring by running in the extra point to give the Sabres their third win of the season. Chiltern most now win their remaining 2 fixtures, both away, to send any chance of reaching the play-off's. With the first of these games this Sunday at Oxford Saints and then finish the season with a trip to Basildon to face Essex Spartans on 7th July.

17th June 2002 - BSL Week 9 results

Division One South

PA Knights 35-14 London Blitz
Southern Sundevils 21-22 London Mets
Ipswich Cardinals 39-6 Bristol Aztecs

Division One North

Birmingham Bulls 32-6 Chester Romans
Gateshead Senators 40-0 Redditch Arrows
East Kilbride Pirates 48-0 Lancashire Wolverines

Division Two North

Yorkshire Rams 78-0 Glasgow Tigers
Nottingham Caesars 38-0 Merseyside Nighthawks

Division Two South

Norwich Devils 17-6 Oxford Saints
Sabres 6-14 Cambridgeshire Cats
Kent Exiles 12-21 Essex Spartans

For more information on the BSL, click here to visit the official site at their new web address.

Kent Exiles 12-21 Essex Spartans

The Kent Exiles played their second game at home this season on Sunday, and once again came out close, but losing, on the back end of a 21-12 scoreline. The Essex Spartans were the opponents, who came to the Exiles on the back of a 13-12 victory over the Cambridgeshire Cats the previous week. Both teams started well, with defence being the name of the game, as neither team was able to find the endzone in the first quarter, despite good drives by each team, the Exiles coming closest after driving to the Spartans 20yd line before coming up just short on fourth down. At the start of the second quarter a broken play gave the Spartans the break they were looking for, after their wide receiver caught a deflected ball inside the Exiles 20yd line, from where they took four plays before hitting a 13yd pass for the touchdown, the extra point was missed, giving them a 6-0 lead, which stuck until halftime. The Exiles came out in the 3rd quarter determined to get back into the game, and after a great defensive stand the Spartans turned the ball over on downs, and the Exiles began to drive downfield, Alan Hands ripped off a 13 yd run, Kieron Hyams caught a 12 yd pass from Andy Mountain, who then found Martin Jefkins on the sideline for a 16 yd gain to give the Exiles the ball on the 5 yd line. A Spartans penalty then gave the Exiles the ball on the 2 yd line, from where Lee Nash blasted his way into the endzone to give the Exiles 6 points, and Lee his first touchdown for the Exiles. The snap on the extra point was high, forcing the 2 point attempt, but Kris Maciolek was just unable to hang onto the ball to leave the score tied at 6 all. The Spartans then took the kick-off back over the half way line to shift momentum back to them, the Exiles defence looked to have stopped them after Gary Ead and Gary Mewse both pressured the QB into throwing the ball away, but on third down the Spartans again passed the ball, Exiles cornerback Neil Gunstone looked to have a chance on the interception, but his gamble backfired as the Spartans wide receiver caught the ball and jogged into the endzone for a 12-6 lead, they then hit the 2 point conversion and gave themselves a 14-6 lead at the start of the 4th quarter. For the second game in a row special teams then proved to be the difference for the Exiles, as their punt was blocked and recovered by the Spartans inside the 10 yard line, from where they ran in an 8 yard touchdown, and kicked the point after for a 21-6 lead, with only 4 minutes left in the game. The Exiles then dug in again, determined not to be beaten easily, and on their first play after the kick-off Andy Mountain found Roy Hall on the fade pattern, who then outran the Spartans defence for a 70 yard touchdown, the 2 point attempt was again no good, leaving the score at 21-12. The Exiles then attempted the onside kick in the hope they may be able to pull off the miraculous and score twice with only 3 minutes to go, but the Spartans recovered and were able to run the clock out for the win. The Exiles were crestfallen after the game, as they had had their chances to win the game, but had again come up short. Head Coach Nick Cursley was reflective after the game, commenting "We had our chances, but again did not take them all. We have to forget this game now and concentrate all our efforts to this Sundays game versus the South Wales Warriors, we are a team who can win games, we just have to believe in ourselves." As always the Exiles awarded their most valuable player awards after the game, Roy Hall scooped the special teams award after some great return yardage on punts especially, Carl Alexis was honoured on defence after plugging the middle of the line well all game and finishing with 3 tackles, he edged out Phil Wood, Gary Ead and Graham Deacon who had 7 tackles each, and rookie Steve Collison who again impressed with 4 tackles. The Offensive award was well won by Kieron Hyams who had a breakout game in his second season with the club, having previously caught one pass this season, Kieron stepped up to grab six for 30 yards, and gain a couple of key first downs. He was well supported on the offence by Andy Mountain who completed 14 passes for 184 yards, Roy Hall with 5 receptions for 120 yards, Martin Jefkins with 3 receptions for 34 yards and Alan Hands with 64 yards rushing.

The photo shows Exiles RB Lee Nash being caught in the backfield.

Article and photo courtesy of Martin Jefkins

9th June 2002 - BSL Week 8 results

Division One South

London O's 22-6 PA Knights
London Blitz P-P Southern Sundevils

Division Two North

Staffordshire Surge 18-12 East Midland Saxons
Nottingham Caesars 12-0 Yorkshire Rams

Division Two South

Cambridgeshire Cats 12-13 Essex Spartans
Chiltern Cheetahs 12-6 Oxford Saints
Plymouth Admirals 32-0 Sabres

4th June 2002 - BSL Week 7 results

Division One North

Chester Romans 27-20 Lancashire Wolverines
Redditch Arrows 0-40 Birmingham Bulls
East Kilbride Pirates 60-0 Gateshead Senators

Division One South

London O's P-P Bristol Aztecs

Division Two North

Staffordshire Surge 28-0 Merseyside Nighthawks
Yorkshire Rams 65-0 East Midland Saxons
Nottingham Caesars 6-0 Glasgow Tigers

Division Two South

Sabres 12-0 Essex Spartans
Kent Exiles 12-33 Cambridgeshire Cats
South Wales Warriors 33-39 Chiltern Cheetahs
Plymouth Admirals 37-8 Oxford Saints

Match report

South Wales Warriors 33-39 Chiltern Cheetahs

Chiltern had a good road trip to Cardiff, to face the South Wales Warriors on Sunday after last weeks close loss at Cambridgeshire Cats (6-7), the Cheetahs finally recorded their first win of the season.  It was the Warriors who struck first blood on their second offensive play of the game, when Quarterback Russell Wingfield completed a 58 yard touchdown pass to wide receiver Tomas Longworth to give the home side a 6 - 0 lead. Chiltern offence replied on the next drive with some good running by Marshall Wille setting up the first of three touchdown passes by Quarterback Deniz Karagulle to Quantez Scroggins from 31 yards (6 - 6).

South Wales regained the lead in the second quarter with Wingfield again found Longworth for another score, this time for 48 yards and Matt Slimming kicked the extra point (13 - 6). Back came the Cheetahs closing the gap on Scroggins 20 yard touchdown run, but a failed extra point attempt left the Warriors with a 1 point lead (13 - 12). This lead was extend when running back David Sinclair broke tackles and raced into the end zone from 27 yards out (19 - 12). Before the half ended Chiltern finally took the lead for the first time which they never gave up, on two Deniz Karagulle touchdown passes both to Quantez Scroggins, the first for 11 yards, which Scroggins ran in the extra point and the second on the last play on the half for 45 Yards, with Giles Stevenson kicking the extra point to give the Cheetahs a half time lead 13 - 21.

Chiltern received the second half kick-off and on their second play Quarterback, Karagulle had his pass intercepted by Warriors Owen Roberts who returned it for a Touchdown. Wingfield's 2 point pass attempt was complete to Barry Winter to tie up the game at 27 - 27. But Chilterns offence pressured their opponents for most of the third quarter and where rewarded with touchdowns runs by Marshall Wille and Deniz Karagulle to give them a 27 - 39 lead.

Strong defensive pressure from both teams in the fourth quarter limited the scoring chances, that both teams had been experience for most of this game. But with 1:30 left in the game, the Warriors scored on an 18 yard pass from Wingfield to David Young and a failed extra point run left the warriors behind by 6 (33 - 39), thus forcing an on side kick attempt which was recovered by Chilterns David Fowler and the Cheetahs ran out the Clock to seal the win.

Chiltern next face Oxford Saints this coming Sunday 9th June @ Amersham & Chiltern Rugby Club (kick-off 2.30pm). For more information on the Cheetahs please contact Richard Barnes on 07710 249300 or Giles Stevenson on 01494 728371 or via the web site athttp://www.geocities.com/chilterncheetahsafc/

27th May 2002 - BSL Week 6 results

Division One North

Lancashire Wolverines 14-16 Birmingham Bulls
Redditch Arrows 15-15 Chester Romans

Division One South

London O's 26-8 Southern Sundevils
London Mets 18-0 Bristol Aztecs

Division Two North

Staffordshire Surge 6-16 Yorkshire Rams
Nottingham Caesars 0-0 East Midland Saxons

Division Two South

Cambridgeshire Cats 7-6 Chiltern Cheetahs
South Wales Warriors 7-28 Plymouth Admirals
Dominos Oxford Saints 20-18 Essex Spartans

Match report

Cambridgeshire Cats  7-6 Chiltern Cheetahs

Cambridgeshire Cats won this Battle of the Cats at Home to the much improving Cheetahs on Sunday.

Cheetahs won the toss and received and moved the ball well through some good running by Quantez Scroggins and first down passes from Deniz Karagulle to Samir Nuseibeh and Spencer Whybrow, but the drive was stopped on 4th down play.  Chiltern defence limited the Cats running game and after a punt, Chilterns Marshall Wille fumble the ball on the first play which was recovered by Cambridge and giving them good field position.  

The Cats moved the ball well and on the first play of the second quarter former Cheetahs player Nick Tilbury completed a 28 yard touchdown pass to Tight End Jamal Williams for the opening score.  With Brian Jelly kicking the extra point to give the Cats a 7 - 0 lead.  Neither side could move the ball convincingly for the rest of the half as both defences stopped their opponents on 3rd and 1.  (H/T 7 - 0)

The 3rd quarter was controlled by Chiltern offence with Deniz Karagulle completing passes to Spencer Whybrow, Abdul Malik Lawal and Quantez Scroggins with some good running by Marshall Wille to set up a 4th down and 5 on the Cats 14 yard line. Karagulle completed a short pass to Scroggins who then ran into the Endzone (7 - 6). Opting to go for 2 points Karagulle pass was incomplete. After the Kick-off, the Cats moved in scoring range again, but play by Linebackers Nick Michael, Justin Fetzer and Justin Day forced the Cats to attempt a fieldgoal.  Brian Jelly kick failed (wide right).

The score line close, both teams stepped up a gear in the 4th quarter with Chilterns Nick Michael sacking Tilbury, who on the next play completed a good pass to his receiver only to find Chilterns Abdul Malik Lawal force the ball out of the receivers hands and return it into good field position.  Penalties forced but Chiltern and good work by the Cats defence stopping a 4th down play and handing the ball over to the Cats offence, who struggled to move down field and had to punt.  With less then 2 minutes left in the game, the Cats defence pressured Karagulle and his pass was intercepted by the Cats, who ran out the clock for the Win.

Chilterns next game is this coming Sunday when their travel to South Wales to face the Warriors. For more information on this game or on the Cheetahs, please contact Richard Barnes on  07710 249300 of via the club website www.geocities.com/chilterncheetahsafc

22nd May 2002 - Kent Exiles crash in Plymouth

The Kent Exiles took the long trip to Plymouth and for the second year running came home on the losing

side after a spirited performance.

The game started badly for the Exiles, the Admirals unconventional offence found them wanting three times in quick

succession as they opened up a 21-0 lead in the first quarter, before the Exiles offence attempted to claw them back into it,

a good drive followed Colin Fields 23 yard kick-off return, with a 35 yard pass from offensive MVP Andy Mountain to Martin

Jefkins giving the Exiles first and goal on the Admirals 8 yard line, the offence then stumbled a little, and unable to punch

the ball into the endzone Mat Tompsett trotted onto the pitch to dispatch a 26yard field goal to give a score of 21-3.

Photo & report courtesy of Martin Jefkins

22nd May 2002 - London Blitz slip to the unbeaten Cardinals

Score: London Blitz 0 – 26 Ipswich Cardinals.

The London Blitz’s fourth away game of the season saw them slip to a 1-4 record, against last season’s Division 2 champions the Ipswich Cardinals (3-0).

The Cardinals opted to receive the ball from the kick-off but it was the Blitz who had the first opportunity to put points on the board, a field goal attempt that was killed in the backfield, and this aggressive defence set the tone for the Cardinals display. Ipswich took full advantage by scoring on their next drive, culminating in a 15 yard rush for the touchdown, with the PAT converted.

The Blitz again tried to establish their running game but were unable to gain much ground, and when the Cardinals took over the ball they hammered home their advantage, driving downfield and scoring on a 1 yard scamper. The PAT was good, and the Cardinals led 14-0.

The Blitz Defence stepped up the pressure in the 2nd quarter, buoyed by the return of Jason Henry from Spain, who was leading tackler on the day with 7 solos and two assists. However they were stunned as the Ipswich QB, under heavy pressure, evaded the sack, found a running lane downfield and carried the ball home for a 51 yard score. The extra point attempt was blocked by Aaron Cole, and this finished the scoring for the first half.


The second half saw the Blitz Offence come out with renewed vigour, and they started moving the ball, Marco Gaminara and John Neuville sharing the workload as the Offensive Line began to drive well. The Cardinals Defence remained stout however and they forced a fumble as the Blitz moved into scoring range.

This was the story of the second half for the Blitz as they attempted to reduce the deficit.

The Cardinals went to the air to reinforce their lead, and scored their fourth touchdown on a 21 yard pass to complete the scoring 26-0. Late in the fourth quarter the Blitz mounted another drive with good work on the ground but Ipswich remained solid, and time expired.

The Suffolk side now have a 3-0 record whilst the Blitz look forward to a series of home games to consolidate their season.

Report courtesy of www.londonblitz.com

20th May 2002 - BSL week 5 results


Gateshead Senators 0-6 East Kilbride Pirates

Birmingham Bulls 40-0 Chester Romans

London Blitz 0-26 Ipswich Cardinals

London Mets 0-28 London O's

East Midland Saxons 0-46 Yorkshire Rams

Nottingham Caesars 16-0 Merseyside Nighthawks

Kent Exiles 10-52 Plymouth Exiles

Norwich Devils 7-0 Essex Spartans

3th May 2002 - BSL Week 4 Results

Division One

Chester Romans 31-15 Gateshead Senators
Redditch Arrows 6-44 East Kilbride Pirates
Bristol Aztecs 0-69 London O's
London Blitz 7-12 PA Knights

Division Two

Merseyside Nighthawks 8-12 Staffordshire Surge
Glasgow Tigers 6-16 Yorkshire Rams
Cambridgeshire Cats 6-20 Norwich Devils
Sabres 14-31 South Wales Warriors

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