2003 Irish news

5th September 2003 - Ireland announce new National coach

Coach Phil DeMonte was appointed as the new Head Coach of the Irish National Team at the IAFA/IAFL quarterly meeting held in Greystones yesterday evening (31/8/03). 

Coach DeMonte is a native of New York, but has spent the past few years coaching in Britain. He comes to Ireland after having spent a very successful spell with the Oxford University Cavaliers in the British Collegiate American Football League. The Cavaliers have had winning seasons in each of the past 5 seasons. Under Coach DeMonte, they won the British Collegiate championship in 2001 and reached the final in 2002. The British American Football Coaches Association awarded him the BCAFL Coach of the Year award in 2001 and he was appointed International Director of the Great Britain Bulldogs squad. Coach DeMonte has also held Head Coaching positions with the Welsh National Team, the Oxford Saints (British Senior League) and the Bristol Aztecs (British Senior League). 

In addition to the normal duties as Head Coach of the Irish National Team, Coach DeMonte will also take a very active role in the training and development of both players and coaches in Ireland. Coach DeMonte is due to accompany the GB Bulldogs on their tour of Italy later this month and will be relocating to Ireland shortly afterwards. 

For further details on Irish American football, please visit the following website: 


5th September 2003 - Irish National Team – Information 

The Irish National Team will be run by the Irish American Football Association which is the National Governing Body for American football in Ireland. The
team will be fully integrated into the football setup in Ireland, so, whenever possible, games, try-outs, training sessions will be organised at times and dates
that are suitable to the league teams in Ireland. All try-outs and training sessions will take place in Ireland and all home fixtures will be played in Ireland. The IAFA will not be responsible for any costs incurred by overseas players who travel to
try-outs & training sessions.

The Head Coaching position is being discussed at the moment (edit: Phil DeMonte has been announced as the coach - see above) and it is anticipated that the Head Coach will work closely with the coaching staffs of the Irish
teams and that a lot of the assistant coaches on the team will be drawn from the IAFL.

Player Eligibility:
Usual International rules will apply. If in the future, the team enters EFAF competitions then EFAF rules will apply (i.e. passports). Proof ofeligibility will be needed before any player is allowed participate. This will be a birth certificate
(from either Rep. of Ireland or Northern Ireland) for players born in Ireland or passport for players born anywhere else. (Information on Irishcitizenship/passports can be found on the Dept. of Justice, Equality & Law Reform website – http://www.justice.ie).

A new Coaching squad should be in place before the end of this year. The incoming Head Coach will then decide how to proceed with team selection and training. The first games will be scheduled for 2004. 

Future Plans:
The long term objective of the Irish National Team is to be able to compete in EFAF competitions such as the European Championship. This will only happen after the team has been up and running for a couple of years and is capable of performing at that level. In the meantime the team will play challenge games and
possibly some minor tournaments.

Further info on Irish football:


Contact: Steve Stacher (secretary)

26th August 2003 - Ireland National team looking for fixtures

The IAFL are having their all-star game at the end of September and intend to use it to select the initial squad for their new National Team which they are in the process of putting together. They are having some problems finding opponents to play against. They would be happy toplay against any BSL teams who'd be willing to travel to Dublin, Cork or one of their Northern Ireland venues - possibly in the spring. Please contact Cillian Smith at cillian@cilliansmith.com for more info

11th August 2003 - Shamrock Bowl XVII 


Venue: Suttonians RFC, Sutton, Dublin. 

1st Quarter: DUB: A.Dennehy 4yd run; Mackey 2xpt (8-0); CAR: McKillop 81yd pass from McDowell (8-6). 
2nd Quarter: DUB: Mackey 13yd pass from A.Dennehy; B.Dennehy 2xpt (16-6). 
3rd Quarter: DUB: Defensive safety (18-6). 
4th Quarter: CAR: Elliot, 13yd pass from McDowell (18-12); DUB: B.Dennehy 4yd run (24-12). 

MVP Award: Brian Dennehy, Dublin Rebels. 

Photos from the Shamrock Bowl
Photographer: Emer McLoughlin

The Dublin Rebels won Shamrock Bowl XVII, the Championship game for the Irish American Football League after defeating defending champions, the Carrickfergus Knights at Suttonians RFC in Dublin. The game started in an explosive manner with both teams scoring on early in the 1st quarter. The Rebels scored on the first possession of the game on a 4 yard run by quarterback Andy Dennehy. Tight end Simon Mackey added a 2 point conversion to make the score 8-0. The Knights responded immediately on the first offensive series when receiver Paul McKillop caught a long pass from Stephen McDowell and took it 81 yards to the end zone. The Knights then recovered the resulting kick-off after the ball hit a Rebels player, but failed to convert this into points. The Rebels added to their lead in the second quarter when Simon Mackey scored on a 13 yard pass from Andy Dennehy, with Brian Dennehy adding the 2 point conversion to make it 16-6 at half time. The 3rd quarter was a close affair as both defenses got on top in the very hot conditions. Running back Brian Dennehy managed to get the Rebels a first and goal, but the Knights defense held strong and got the ball back after the Rebels failed to convert a 4th down play. The Knights took over on their own 1 yard line, but concede a safety (2 points) after running back William Cowan was tackled in his own end zone by the Rebels defense. Both team then exchanged interceptions - Chris Davidson for the Knights & Feargal O'Donnchu for the Rebels. The Knights then began to move the ball through the air with Ian McIlroy picking up a couple of first downs, then Robert Elliot made the score 18-12 with a 13 yard pass from McDowell. The Rebels then responded on their next drive which ended with a 4 yard touchdown run by the games MVP Brian Dennehy to make the final score 24-12. NFL International representative, Tony Allen presented the brand new Shamrock Bowl Perpetual Trophy to the Rebels captains after the game. 


10th August 2003 - Scene Set for Gridiron Final with Shamrock Bowl XVII 

North clashes with South on the gridiron this Sunday as the Irish American Football final rumbles into Dublin. This year's IAFL Shamrock Bowl XVII will be contested between the Dublin Rebels and defending champions the Carrickfergus Knights. There is no clear-cut favourite to win, as both teams have enjoyed a hugely successful season. The Rebels are coming off a seven-game winning streak, including winning the Charleroi International Trophy in Belgium and defeating the Knights 12-7 in Dublin. 

Although the Knights only managed third place in the Charleroi Trophy, they beat the Rebels 20-14 in the season opener and will be eager to pick up their third Shamrock Bowl title. 

There will be plenty of family fun on the day, with Gladiator Jousting and facepainting as well as a DJ providing extra entertainment. The game itself kicks off at 2:00 pm, but gates open at 12:00 pm and admission is completely free. This is the seventeenth Shamrock Bowl since the inception of the Irish American football league (IAFL) in 1986, when the Craigavon Cowboys toppled the Dublin Celts to win Shamrock Bowl I. 

The Dublin Rebels were formed in 1995, originally as a flag-football team. In 2000 they made the step to full contact and, by 2001, they had bagged their first Shamrock Bowl, defeating the Knights 28-7 in Carrickfergus. In 2002 the Rebels became the first Irish team to win an international competition when they won the inaugral Charleroi Trophy. In June of this year, they beat off French allstar team Celtes de Mitry and host team the Charleroi Cougars to defend their title. At present there is seven teams in the IAFL,the Dublin Dragons and the Cork Admirals making up the difference, with a further three set to join the Division 1 rank next year. 

Both the Rebels and the Knights are the most vicious and hard-hitting teams this league has ever seen and promise a spectacular game this Sunday. 

More info @ www.iafl.info or www.dublinrebels.com .

7th August 2003 - SHAMROCK BOWL XVII news

Date: Sunday 10th August. 

Time: 2pm 

Venue: Suttonians Rugby Club, Dublin 13. 



1) What is the Shamrock Bowl? 

The Shamrock Bowl is the National Championship game for the IRISH AMERICAN FOOTBALL LEAGUE (IAFL). This year will be the 17th time that the championship has been contested. The first winners were the Craigavon Cowboys back in 1986. The Carrickfergus Knights are the defending champions - they defeated the UL Vikings in last years game in Limerick. 

2) What is the IAFL? 

The IAFL (Irish American Football League) is the National League for American football in Ireland. It is made up of 7 TEAMS from various parts of the country - Carrickfergus Knights, Dublin Rebels, Dublin Dragons, Cork Admirals, Univ. of Limerick Vikings, Belfast Bulls & Craigavon Cowboys. Competitive league football has been played in Ireland since the mid-1980s. The IAFL is affiliated to the sports National Governing Body, the Irish American Football Association which is also associated with the European Federation of American Football (EFAF). 

3) Where do the players come from & what is the standard of play like? 

The IAFL is an amateur adult league. The players come from all walks of life and range in age from late teens to early 40s. Most of the players are Irish, but some come from abroad including the USA. American football is a very physical game, so the players are generally very dedicated and train hard. The standard of play in the IAFL has improved dramatically since steps were taken to restructure the sport in 2001. Both teams in this years Shamrock Bowl played in the prestigious CHARLEROI TROPHY in Belgium in June. The Rebels won the tournament which featured teams from Belgium & France. Representatives of the NFL will be attending & scouting this years game with a view to inviting some players to PROFESSIONAL TRIALS later this year. 

4) Is it like what I see on the TV? 

Yes, this is the same hard-hitting action packed sport you see on TV. The players are fully kitted (helmets, shoulder pads etc.) and the games are FULL CONTACT. The IAFL plays full NCAA rules - same as Division 1 College Football in the USA (e.g. Notre Dame Fighting Irish, USC, Boston College etc.). The pitch will be regulation size with "GRIDIRON" markings; there will be multiple officials (referees) in stripes, "chain crews" and all the other extras associated with full contact American football. 

5) Why should I attend? 

This years game is being presented as an EVENT. It will be the first time in years that Irish American football has decided to "showcase" the Shamrock Bowl to the general public as family entertainment and a serious sporting event. This is a unique opportunity to see American football close up…..to feel the collisions and hear the hits……watching on TV is just not the same as experiencing the sport live. 

6) Who is running this event? 

The IAFL is an entirely voluntary organization. This years event is being put together by a very dedicated group of American football enthusiasts who'd like to share their sport with as many people as possible - this is why ADMISSION IS FREE. We want increase awareness of our sport among the general public so we can attract more players, supporters etc. 

6) Anything else? 

Yes - the IAFL are unveiling a brand new perpetual TROPHY for this year's game - a specially commissioned bronze sculpture of two players in action. 

7) Where can I find out more about Irish American football? 

Visit our website @ one of the following URLs: 





Steve Stacher (Secretary)  +44 2882 247887 (Omagh N.I.). 


3rd August 2003 - SHAMROCK BOWL XVII 


Date: Sunday 10th August (2pm). 

Venue: Suttonians Rugby Club, Sutton, Dublin 13. 

Shamrock Bowl XVII, the National Championship game for the Irish American Football League (IAFL) will take place on Sunday 10th August. The game will feature Irelands best American football teams - the Dublin Rebels and Carickfergus Knights. Both teams finished the 2003 regular season with identical 5-1 records in Division 1 of the IAFL. 

The Knights qualified for the Shamrock Bowl after securing 1st place in the regular season (on a tie-breaker over the Rebels). The Rebels qualified by defeating the Cork Admirals in the semi-final last Sunday (27/7/03). 

What to look out for on the day: 

The REBELS have a very strong running game and use an interesting rotation of running backs - #88 Brian Dennehy, #80 Marcus Naylor & #20 Mark Kelly. When they pass the ball, it is usually to one of their tight-ends - #85 Fearghal O'Donnchu & #86 Simon Mackey. Their defense is led by vetern defensive lineman #67 Steve Porteous and linebackers #40 Kenny Hudson & #83 Sean Shanahan and cornerback #22 Steve Archibald. One of their most interesting players is young safety #91 Travis Lawson who is expected to play college football in the USA next year. 

In contrast, the KNIGHTS have an aerial attack and throw the ball a lot. They are led by quarterback #12 Stephen McDowell, who is the best QB in the IAFL. Their main offensive weapons are wide receivers #86 Paul McKillop and #21 Ian McIllroy who has had a try-out in NFL Europe.  Fullback #38 Pete Watt is a good short yardage ball carrier. The Knights defense is based on speed to the ball. Cornerbacks #24 Mark Pollock and #32 Chris Davidson are good against the pass. They also have some strong linebackers including #50 Scott Robinson and Mexican #77 David Antuna. 

Media access to the event is free. Photographers will be allowed to go pitchside. 

TELEVISION: The event is being filmed by a 3 cameras - 1 on each sideline & 1 portable. Footage is being made available free of charge to TV stations. 

Please contact the IAFL if you need any further details, information or special facilities. 
Information on the IAFL & history of the sport in Ireland is available on the IAFL website (details below). 


Steve Stacher (Secretary 
1 Tattysallagh Road, 
Omagh, Co. Tyrone. 

Phone: +44 2882 247887



Venue: Greystones Rugby Club 

1st Quarter: DUB: B.Dennehy 1yd run, Hudson 2xpt (0-8); DUB: Naylor 11yd pass from A.Dennehy; Ryan 2xpt (0-16); COR: Lomansey 11yd pass from Kenny, Kidd 2xpt (8-16). 
2nd Quarter: DUB: M.Kelly 4yd run (8-22); DUB: A.Dennehy 1yd run, Mackey 1xpt (8-29). 
3rd Quarter: DUB: Ryan 67yd pass from A.Dennehy, Porteous 2xpt (8-37); DUB: Flynn 1yd run (8-43). 
4th Quarter: DUB: Naylor 1yd run, Mackey 1xpt (8-50); DUB: Mackey 27yd pass from A.Dennehy (8-56). 

Sunday 10th August - 2pm. 
Venue: Suttonians Rubgy Club, Dublin. 


23rd July 2003 - Irish news


Venue: Pfizer Sports Club, Ringaskiddy, Cork. 

SCORERS (all Carrickfergus): 
1st Quarter: McKillop, 29yd pass from McDowell (6-0); McKillop, 26yd pass from McDowell, McDowell 1xpt (13-0). 
2nd Quarter: McKillop 17yd run, McDowell 1xpt (20-0). 
3rd Quarter: Pollock 16yd run (26-0). 
4th Quarter: Cluxton 2yd run (32-0). 


Sunday 27th July 2003 - 2pm. 
CORK ADMIRALS (3rd place) @ DUBLIN REBELS (2nd place) 
Venue: Greystones Rugby Club. 

Sunday 10th August 2003 - 2pm. 
Venue: Suttonians Rubgy Club, Dublin. 


14th July 2003 - DUBLIN REBELS 44 - 0 CORK ADMIRALS 

Venue: Pfizer Sports Club, Ringaskiddy, Cork. 

SCORERS (all Dublin Rebels): 
1st Quarter: B.Dennehy 1yd run +2xpt (8-0); O'Donnchu 29td pass from A.Dennehy, A. Dennehy 2xpt (16-0); Ryan 27yd pass from A. Dennehy (22-0). 
2nd Quarter: Naylor 34yd pass from A.Dennehy, Mackey 2xpt (30-0); B.Dennehy 31yd run, Hudson 2xpt (38-0). 
3rd Quarter: Mackey 5 yd pass from A. Dennehy (44-0). 
4th Quarter: no scoring. 


6th July 2003 - DUBLIN DRAGONS 8 - 42 CORK ADMIRALS 

Venue: Pfizer Sports Club, Ringaskiddy, Cork. 

1st Quarter: COR: Lomansey 12yd pass from Kenny,  O'Connell 2xpt (0-8). 
2nd Quarter: COR: Kidd 1yd run, O'Callaghan 2xpt (0-16). 
3rd Quarter: COR: Kenny 16yd run (0-22); COR: O'Callaghan 15yd run (0-28). 
4th Quarter: DUB: Walsh 13 yd pass from Olwill; Durrad 2xpt (8-28); COR: Lomansey 11yd pass from Kenny (8-34); COR: O'Sullivan 71yd fumble return, O'Callaghan 2xpt (8-42). 



Venue: Stade de Roux, Charleroi, Belgium. 

Final Positions: 

1st Dublin Rebels (IRL) 
2nd Charleroi Cougars (BEL) 
3rd Carrickfergus Knights (IRL) 
4th Celtes de Mitry (FRA) 


Rebels Scorers: 
2nd Quarter: Sean Shanahan 16yd run. 
4th Quarter: Conor Ryan 15yd pass from Andy Dennehy. 

Knights Scorers: 
1st Quarter: Paul McKillop 75yd pass from Stephen McDowell. 
2nd Quarter: Stephen McDowell 17yd Field Goal; Gary Donnelly 13yd pass from McDowell. 
4th Quarter: Gary Donnelly 14yd run. 

SEMI-FINALS (28th June): 
Knights Scorer: 
2nd Quarter: Paul McKillop 42yd punt return. 

Rebels Scorers: 
2nd Quarter: Andy Flynn 1yd run, Marcus Naylor 2xpt. 


The Dublin Rebels won the Charleroi Trophy for the second year in a row with a 12-0 defeat of hosts, the Charleroi Cougars at Stade de Roux. Ireland had 2 representatives in the tournament. The Dublin Rebels were invited as Charleroi Trophy holders and the Carrickfergus Knights as the Irish National Champions. The other two teams were the Charleroi Cougars and Celtes de Mitry from France. 

The final of the tournament was played in extremely hot conditions at the Stade de Roux. Temperature gauges measured over 35oC at the start of the game and the on-pitch temperature was even higher due to strong sunlight. Both teams exchanged punts on each of their possessions in the first quarter. The Rebels scored their first touchdown early in the second quarter with a 16 yard run by tailback Sean Shanahan. Late in the half, Charleroi got the ball on the Rebels 8 yard line when they blocked a Rebels punt. However, the Rebels defense held strong - a Charleroi receiver was tackled on the one yard line as time expired in the half. Charleroi got into scoring rang in the third quarter, but were stopped by a Marcus Naylor interception. A couple of first down runs by Sean Shanahan and a pass to Feargal O'Donnchu got the Rebels to the Charleroi 15 yard line in the 4th quarter. Receiver Conor Ryan caught a pass from Quarterback Andy Dennehy to make the final score 12-0 to the Dublin Rebels. Rebels running back Sean Shanahan won the MVP award. 

The Knights then defeated the Celtes de Mitry in a one sided 3rd/4th place play-off. They scored early in the 1st quarter on a 75 yard pass from Stephen McDowell to Paul McKillop. They increased their lead in the second quarter through a 17 yard field goal and a 13 yard reception by Gary Donnelly. Mitry scored on a 16 yard run in the 4th quarter, however, the Knights responded on their next possession with a 14 yard reverse run by Gary Donnelly to seal the victory. 

The Carrickfergus Knights played the hosts in the other semi-final on Saturday afternoon. They had a good first half and scored on a spectacular 42 yard punt return by Paul McKillop. However, they failed to capitalize on their other scoring opportunities and were stopped 3 times on 4th and goal. The Cougars scored on a 33yd pass to receiver Fabio that deflected off a Knights defender. A two point conversion put them into the final. 

The Rebels beat the Celtes de Mitry in a close game on Saturday afternoon. Both defenses dominated. The Rebels scored first, a 1 yard short yardage run by fullback Andy Flynn in the second quarter. Marcus Naylor scored a 2 point conversion which would prove to be the decisive score in the game. The Celtes began to move the ball more effectively in the second half and scored their only touchdown late in the 4th quarter. The Celtes then failed to score a 2 point conversion which would have tied the game. 


6th July 2003 - Shamrock Bowl XVII at Suttonians RFC

The IAFL have announced that Shamrock Bowl XVII has been awarded to Dublin. The game will be played on August 10th 2003, kick-off 2pm at Suttonians RFC. Suttonians RFC is an All-Ireland League rugby venue situated along the picturesque northern shore of Dublin bay.

Suttonians RFC is a excellent venue with good spectator facilities, full bar, carparking and very good transport links. The Shamrock Bowl committee and has promised that this years game will have a lot of added extras in an effort to make sure that Shamrock Bowl XVII will be enjoyable family orientated event. Andy Dennehy of the Dublin Rebels was instrumental in securing the ground. He will liase with Suttonians and help publicise the game. The Shamrock Bowl Committee had considered other sites in the Dublin metropolitan area, including Greystones RFC, but decided on Suttonans due to it's central location along Dublin Bay. Further details about the event can be found in the new Shamrock Bowl section of this website: Shamrock Bowl. 

Allstar Game 2003 - Carrickfergus:

The IAFL has annouced the format and venue for its first ever Allstar game. The game will take place at 2pm on Sunday, September 28th at Woodburn, Carrickfergus which is where the Knights currently play their home games. The best players from all 7 IAFL teams will be selected to play in the game. The North Allstars will be chosen from the Carrickfergus Knights, Craigavon Cowboys and Belfast Bulls & the South Allstars will be chosen from the Dublin Rebels, Dublin Dragons, Cork Admirals & UL Vikings. Each team will be coached by a composite of the coaching staffs of all the teams involved.

The IAFL decided to introduce the Allstar game as a way of recognising and rewarding the best players in the league for the efforts in the past season. It will also serve as a useful excercise to select players for the soon to be reformed Irish National Team. The IAFL Allstar game will be more competitive than most Allstar games whereby the players turn up and play without much preparation. Both the North and South squads will be required to attend 3 weekend mini-camps in the weeks proceeding the game & competition for places in the starting line-ups will be tough.

As an added twist to the proceedings, the IAFL has decided that both teams will play for the honour of wearing the prestigious National Team jerseys. This year, the South will wear the National Team colours, but in future years, the previous years winners will have the honour. The North will wear gold jerseys this year.

25th June 2003 - Irish sides to compete in Belgium report 2

The Dublin Rebels will be defending their Charleroi Trophy title in Belgium this weekend, after defeating the current Irish champions 12-7 last Sunday. 
Shamrock Bowl holders, the Carrickfergus Knights, will be joining the Dublin side in the two-day tournament that includes the Charleroi Cougars and Celtes de Mitry, a French allstars team. In last year’s tournament, the Rebels beat the host team 22-0, a scoreline that does not accurately reflect the intensity of the game. 

All eyes will be on the Rebels and Knights, who have been arch-rivals for the past three years. The Rebels beat the Knights in the 2001 Shamrock Bowl and earlier this year the Knights toppled the Rebels 20-14 in Carrickfergus. The two teams are destined to meet in this year’s Shamrock Bowl and may clash yet again in the Charleroi Trophy final on Sunday. 

In 2002, RB Marcus Naylor was awarded MVP of the Tournament for his performance and TE Ferghal O’Donnchu bagged top scorer. 
Sponsored by the Porterhouse Bar in Bray, the Rebels are the first ever Irish American Football team to win a European tournament. They began as a flag-football team seven years ago, before making the jump to full-contact in 1999. 
Three players from the Dublin Dragons travelled to Belgium last year to make up numbers on the Rebels’ squad, bringing the total head-count to 15. This year however 26 Rebels are travelling over for the contest. 

Dragons Al Burke and John Durrard will be travelling with the Knights for this tournament, continuing their role as Dublin’s answer to 70s mercenary soccer duo, Marsh and Best.

22nd June 2003 - Irish sides to compete in Belgium

Both the Dublin Rebels and Carrickfergus Knights will contest the 2003 Charleroi Trophy in Belgium next weekend - 28/29th June. The Charleroi Trophy is the central event in the annual festival of American football held in Charleroi in southern Belgium.

The Rebels and Knights will compete against local team, Charleroi Cougars and French team, Celtes de Mitry. The teams will play 2 games each over the weekend - a semi-final on Saturday 28th and either the final or 3rd place play-off on Sunday 29th. The Rebels have been invited as the defending Charleroi Champions having defeated the Cougars and French teams Forbach Taupes & Reims Champs in last years tournament. The Knights have been invited as the current Irish Champions.

The festival, which is based in the Complexe Sportif de Roux, will also include the Belgium Allstar game between North & South Belgium and an International youth flag football tournament.

On a historic note, the Rebels victory in last years tournament was the first ever by an Irish club in any International tournament & this year will be the first time ever that Ireland has had two club sides travel abroad to compete in an International setting.

Further details can be found on the Charleroi Cougars website: www.charleroicougars.be

Article from www.irish-american-football.org


Venue: Greystone RFC. 

1st Quarter: No scoring. 
2nd Quarter: DUB: A.Dennehy 4yd run (0-6); CAR: McKillop 20yd pass from McDowell+ McDowell 1xpt (7-6). 
3rd Quarter: DUB: Mackey 16yd run (7-12). 
4th Quarter: No scoring.



Venue: Lucan Community College, Dublin. 

1st Quarter: REB: B. Dennehy 2yd run + 2xpt (8-0); REB: B. Dennehy 70 yd run (14-0) 
2nd Quarter: REB: B. Dennehy 7 yd run +2xpt (22-0); REB: Ryan 31 yd pass from A. Dennehy (28-0). 
3rd Quarter: REB: Kelly 11yd run, Mackey 1xpt (35-0). 
4th Quarter: REB: O'Donnchu 1 yd pass from A. Dennehy (41-0). 

The Dublin Rebels beat local rivals the Dublin Dragons in warm conditions in Lucan. Veteran running back Brian Dennehy scored 3 touchdowns early in the game to give the Rebels a commanding lead. Brian scored a from 2 yards out on the Rebels first possession and added the 2 point conversion to make it 8-0. On the Rebels next possession, they found a hole in the Dragons defense and Dennehy capitalized with a breakaway 70 yard run for his second touchdown of the quarter. The Dragons got a break on their next possession when they recovered a punt, which hit a member of the return team, but they failed to get the ball into the endzone. The Rebels scored again before halftime when Quarterback Andy Dennehy  connected with receiver Connor Ryan for a 31 yard touchdown reception to give the Rebels a commanding  28-0 lead at halftime. The Dragons got into the game more in the second have thanks to running backs Dave Wheeler and John Durrad, but the Rebels defense managed to stop them every time they got in scoring range. Alan Kelly scored from 11 yard out & Simon Mackey's conversion increased the Rebels lead to 35-0. The Rebels scored again late in the game - a 1 yard pass from Andy Dennehy to Feargal O'Donnchu to make the final score 41-0.

8th June 2003 - Irish American Football League result 


Venue: Woodburn, Carrickfergus. 

1st Quarter: No scoring. 
2nd Quarter: BEL: Donnaghy 26yd pass, Coleman 2xpt (8-0); BEL: Coleman 4yd run (14-0). 
3rd Quarter: No scoring. 
4th Quarter: CRA: Bell 74yd pass (14-6); CRA: Blanton 3yd run (14-12). 

The Belfast Bulls beat the Craigavon Cowboys in a close battle at Carrickfergus today. The Bulls had the best of the firs half and capitalized with two scores in the second quarter. Belfast running back scored the first touchdown, a 26 yard reception on a swing pass out of the backfield. The Bulls made the score 8-0 with what would turn out to be a crucial 2 point conversion by Colin Coleman. The Bulls defense stopped the Cowboys on their next possession and capitalized with another touchdown, this time a 4 yard run by Colin Coleman. 

The third quarter was evenly contested as the Cowboys defense, led by safety Paddy Patterson and Alva Blanton played well as the Cowboys began to gradually turn the game around. Craigavon made some changed for the 4th quarter with QB Wes Bell switching to wide receiver & Darran Blanton replacing him at quarterback. This switch had an immediate impact with Bell catching a 74 yard touchdown pass from Blanton to bring the Cowboys within one converted touchdown of the Bulls. The Bulls were stopped again on their next possession to give the Cowboys the ball back with less than 2 minutes left in the game. A first down run from Marty Devlin got the Cowboys to the Bulls 3 yard line and after an incomplete pass, Darran Blanton ran in a touchdown as the game clock ran out. The Cowboys came up inches short on a two point conversion that would have sent the game into overtime to give the Bulls a hard earned victory. 


19th May 2003 - Cork Admirals 12-40 Dublin Rebels

Venue: Greystones RFC.

1st Quarter: DUB: O'Donnchu, 75 yd pass from A. Dennehy (0-6).
2nd Quarter:  DUB: B. Dennehy 8 yd run (0-12); DUB: B. Dennehy 6yd run, A. Dennehy 2xpt (0-20).
3rd Quarter: DUB: Mackey 22yd pass from A. Dennehy (0-26); DUB: O'Donnchu 19yd pass from A. Dennehy (0-32).
4th Quarter: DUB: O'Donnchu 8yd pass from A. Dennehy (0-38); COR: MacHale 11yd pass from O'Carroll (6-38); COR: MacHale 14yd pass from O'Carroll (12-38); DUB: O'Hanlon 2xpt return (12-40).



Venue: Greystones RFC. 

1st Quarter: CRA: Devlin 1yd run, Wes Bell 2xpt (8-0); DUB: O'Donnchu 6yd pass (8-6). 
2nd Quarter:  DUB: B. Dennehy 4yd run (8-12); CRA Knocker 4yd pass  (14-12); CRA: Bell 5yd run (20-12). 
3rd Quarter: CRA: Murray 3 yd run (26-12). 
4th Quarter: CRA: Knocker 36yd pass, Murray 2xpt (34-12). 



Venue: Greystones RFC. 

1st Quarter: BEL: Joe Sirichas 22yd int ret (6-0). 
2nd Quarter: BEL: McKeown 13yd pass (12-0). 
3rd Quarter: BEL: Donaghy 44yd run, 2xpt (20-0); BEL: Donaghy 31yd run (26-0). 
4th Quarter: DUB: Zinnecker 54yd run (26-6); BEL: Miller 1yd run (32-6).




Venue: Lucan Community College, Dublin..

SCORERS (All Carrickfergus):
1st Quarter: Paul McKillop 10yd run (6-0).
2nd Quarter: Gary Donnelly 6 yd pass from McDowell (12-0); Pete Watt 2 yd run (18-0); Ian McIlroy 29 yd pass from McDowell (24-0).
3rd Quarter: Willian Cully 12yd run, McDowell 1xpt (31-0).
4th Quarter: Ian McIlroy 19yd pass from McDowell, McDowell 1xpt (38-0); Andy Dirragh 47yd int return (44-0); Pete Watt 2yd run, McDowell 1xpt (51-0).



Venue: U.L. Sports Grounds.

1st Quarter: COR: O'Callaghan 12yd run (6-0); COR: O'Connell 2yd run (12-0).
2nd Quarter: UL: L.Ryan 1yd run (12-6); COR: O'Callaghan 2yd run (18-6); UL: L. Ryan 41yd run (18-12).
3rd Quarter: COR: O'Connell 4yd run (24-12).
4th Quarter: UL: Moore56yd pass from Ryan (24-18); COR: Foley 13yd run (30-18); COR: O'Callaghan 26yd run + 2xpt (38-18); UL: Laffan 22yd run (38-24).





Venue: Greystones R.F.C.. 

SCORERS (all Rebels): 
1st Quarter: Brian Dennehy 5 yd run + 2xpt (0-8); Feargal O'Donnchu 20 yd int return (0-14). 
2nd Quarter: No Scoring. 
3rd Quarter: No scoring. 
4th Quarter: Brian Dennehy 23 yd run (0-20); Feargal O'Donnchu 85 yd pass from Andy Dennehy (0-26); Brian Dennehy 21 yd run + 2xpt (0-34).


Carrickfergus Knights 
Cork Admirals 
Dublin Dragons 
Dublin Rebels 

Belfast Bulls 
Craigavon Cowboys 

This year, the IAFL has 6 teams playing competitive football in 2 categories. The Carrickfergus Knights, Dublin Rebels & Dublin Dragons will be joined in Division 1 by new team, Cork Admirals. The Admirals are the first team from Cork to play competitive football in more than a decade and are a welcome addition to the IAFL. Division 2 will comprise of the Craigavon Cowboys and Belfast Bulls. The Craigavon Cowboys have a long history and were Irelands first ever National Champions having won Shamrock Bowl I back in 1986. They are returning to competitive football after a break of 4 years. The Belfast Bulls were a development team in 2002 and are now ready to play competitive football. Division 2 was formed this season to help new and returning teams make the transition to competitive football and it is hoped that both Division 2 teams will be able to join the 4 teams in Division 1 next season. The UL Vikings are playing as a development team this season. 

FIXTURES (K.O. 2pm unless stated) 

16   Craigavon Cowboys 16 - 0 Dublin Dragons Division 2 
30   Dublin Rebels  @  Carrickfergus Knights Division 1 

06  Cork Admirals @ Dublin Dragons Division 1 
13  Cork Admirals @ Carrickfergus Knights Division 1 
20  Dublin Dragons @ Dublin Rebels Division 1 
27  Cork Admirals @ UL Vikings Development 

04  Carrickfergus Knights @ Dublin Dragons Division 1 
11  Craigavon Cowboys @ Dublin Rebels (12:00) Division 2 
     Belfast Bulls @ Dublin Dragons (15:00) Division 2 
18  Cork Admirals @ Dublin Rebels Division 1 
25  IAFL Allstars VS John Carroll University (USA) 

01  Carrickfergus Knights @ Cork Admirals Division 1 
08  Craigavon Cowboys @ Belfast Bulls (12:00) Division 2 
     Dublin Dragons @ Carrickfergus Knights (15:00) Division 1 
15  Dublin Rebels @ Dublin Dragons Division 1 
22  Carrickfergus Knights @ Dublin Rebels Division 1 
29  Charleroi Tournament - No local games 

06  Dublin Dragons@ Cork Admirals Division 1 
12  Dublin Rebels @ Cork Admirals Division 1 
20  Bye Weekend 
27  Semi-Final 3rd  @ 2nd 

03  Belfast Bulls @ Craigavon Cowboys Division 2 
17  Carrickfergus Knights @ Belfast Bulls Division 2 
24  Carrickfergus Knights @  Cowboys Division 2 
31  Belfast Bulls @ Dublin Rebels Division 2 

Division 1 comprises of 4 teams. Each team plays home and away against every other team in Division 1. At the end of the regular season, the first placed team gets a bye into the Shamrock Bowl (National Championship Game). The 2nd and 3rd placed teams play a semi-final game with the winner going to the Shamrock Bowl. Some of the Division 1 teams play games against Division 2 opponents, but the results of these games do not count towards the Division 1 standings. 

Division 2 comprises of 2 teams. Each of these teams plays a 5 game schedule against both Division 1 & Division 2 opponents. The team with the best record in all these games wins the Division 2 title. 

The Dublin Rebels & Carrickfergus Knights will play in the Charleroi Tournament during the week ending 29th June. The Charleroi Tournament is an International tournament with teams from Belgium, France & Ireland which is played in Charleroi, Belgium.

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