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21st April 2005 - Essex Blades win in Ireland, seek friendlies

The Essex Blades of BCAFL recently defeated the Dublin Dragons of IAFL 20-6 in an international friendly which benefited the Chernobyl Children Appeal. The Blades are now looking for friendly opponents for the 2006 tour. All offers will be considered, with anyone interested instructed to contact the Blades atblades@essex.ac.uk

20th March 2005 - BCAFL College Bowl XIX

Birmingham Lions 34-7 Glasgow Tigers

13th March 2005 - BCAFL Semi-Final

Birmingham Lions 26-14 Hertfordshire Hurricanes
Glasgow Tigers 24-21 Loughborough Aces

Loughborough Aces at Glasgow Tigers 21-24

Glasgow Tigers clinched the Northern Conference title with a dramatic overtime victory against the Loughborough Aces. The Aces Defense was slow to start and the Tigers began the scoring with a run from Kenny McPhail, Justin Bergeron added the PAT. The Aces offense moved the ball well but were unable to penetrate early on, being held in the Tigers red zone several times during the first quarter, after getting good field position from special teams. It wasn’t until the 2nd quarter that QB Dan Storey connected with WR Rod Bradley from 15 yards out for the Aces’ first score. Andy Studer added the PAT.

Glasgow immediately scored again, after a breakaway run was hauled down just short of the goal line, when QB Matt McCusker hit Colin Chambers to regain the lead. Bergeron again added the PAT. But the Aces were soon back in it, RB Craig Flower scored on a 5yd run, with Studer tacking on the PAT. The score at half-time was 14-14.

The third quarter saw the Aces defense step up a gear, no longer fooled by the mis-direction and quick hands of tigers QB Matt McCusker, and were able to create turnovers, LB Ant Ridgway and DE Phil stansfield coming up with the ball. The Aces offense however failed to capitalise, their red-zone punch again abandoning them.

Early in the fourth quarter, Flower managed to give Loughborough the lead for the first time. He scored on a 25yd cut back after seeing the Glasgow defense over-pursue. After the successful PAT the score was 21-14. The Aces Defense again came out and stood firm, rookie LB Jack Lloyd with a shining performance. But late in the game the Tigers offense began to execute better, after struggling throughout the half. Despite facing 4th down several times, the chains kept moving. Eventually, after a series of completed passes McCusker connected with Rob Campbell from about 10 yards out. Bergeron added the PAT to even the score at 21-21. There was still time for one final drive from the Aces, and they very nearly scored in the dying seconds of regular time, but the 20yd field goal attempt was blocked. The ball flew back into the hands of kicker Andy Studer, who attempted to run in to the left, but he was hauled down two yards short.

The match went to overtime, with Glasgow starting on offense. The Aces were able to hold the Tigers for 4 downs, and the Aces offense took the field with the opportunity to win the game. It wasn’t to be, however, when the first play was picked off by a Tigers DB. The Tigers offense returned, and after a defensive holding penalty had first-and-goal on the 10 yard line. A few plays later, Justin Bergeron kicked a short field goal, to put the pressure on Loughborough – they had to score at least a field goal or Glasgow would be victorious. Another interception ended the game, with the final score 24-21 to Glasgow.

After a very hard-fought game, Loughborough faced the long journey home having lost a game that they had opportunities to win. Glasgow progress to the College Bowl, to face the Birmingham Lions on Sunday. 

27th February 2005 - Loughborough win again against Nottingham

Loughborough made it three out of three for the season against Nottingham, in another closely fought contest between the two teams. The game started well for the Aces, with CB Martin André intercepting Outlaws QB Dan Cuthbert-Brown on the first drive of the game. Loughborough failed to capitalise on this opportunity, and after spending over a quarter of the game deep in Outlaws territory, began to lose the battle for field position. Nottingham put together a strong drive, ending in a 14yd pass from Cuthbert-Brown to WR Patrick Daly for the first score of the game. The Aces offense took its time to warm up, and put together some good drives but repeatedly failed to come up with a scoring play. Some determined Nottingham defensive stands along with penalties against the Aces offense meant that it wasn’t until a minute from the end of the half that FB Matt Pulsford scored on a 3yd run. Andy Studer scored the PAT, to make the score at half-time 7-6 to Loughborough.

Early in the 3rd quarter, QB Dan Storey connected with WR Rod Bradley to give the Aces a 14-6 lead, after Studer tacked on the PAT. The Aces kick-off coverage team were able to force and recover a fumble, with LB Ant Ridgway emerging with the ball. Again, the Aces failed to capitalise, but Nottingham heads seemed to be down after the Aces’ second score. Despite some determined running from the Outlaws offense, and some great catches from their receivers, the Aces defense seemed more focussed than they had early on and managed to keep the Outlaws from scoring again. SS Alan Scott was unfortunate to have his first career interception erased after an illegal hit on the Nottingham quarterback was flagged, and the result was first and goal for the Outlaws. The Aces defense stepped up, and some power running plays were pulled down short of the line. Loughborough managed to put some more plays together, and Dan Storey found Rod Bradley wide open for a 42yd touchdown pass. Nottingham were forced to go to the air, with around 4 minutes left on the clock to make a comeback. They managed to move the chains, but LB Jack Lloyd picked off a wayward pass and returned it 20 yards. Loughborough attempted to run out the clock, but despite a first down, were still forced to punt with under 2 minutes remaining. The Aces defense managed to hold their own again, and the Aces ran out 20-6 victors.

6th March 2005 - BCAFL PLayoffs Round One

Glasgow Tigers 47-12 Lancaster Bombers
Leeds Celtics 14-21 Loughborough Aces
Birmingham Lions 38-8 Bristol Bullets
Hertfordshire Hurricanes 48-12 Southampton Stags

Loughborough Aces 21 at Leeds Celtics 14

The Northern Conference Semi-final between Loughborough and Leeds exploded into action when the Aces scored from the very first play from scrimmage with QB Dan Storey connected with WR Rod Bradley from his own 30yd line to give the Aces a 6-0 lead, with Andy Studer adding the PAT. The Aces forced three-and-out on the Celtics’ first drive with some tight defensive play, with LB Matt Davis stopping two plays for a loss, one with the help of LB Ant Ridgway. Later in the first quarter, Storey fired in a pass to WR James Hossack, who took a massive hit in the endzone from a Leeds DB on 4th and goal, which forced the incompletion. After a first quarter that seemed to fly by, the Celtics began to find their game. It wasn’t long before QB Alex Fisher connected with WR James Parkhouse for a 40yd TD – Parkhouse’s third against Loughborough this year. Mike Cardinal tacked on the PAT to even up the score.

The Aces managed to march up to the Celtics’ goal line, but on 2nd and goal on the Leeds 1yd line, penalties foiled the Aces’ drive. After a block in the back call, Hossack found himself open in the endzone again, this time able to hold onto the ball, but the play was called back for illegal motion. This gave the Aces 2nd and goal from the 16yd line, and Leeds managed to force 4th and 25. Loughborough went for a field goal, which was blocked, and returned to the Loughborough 30yd line by the speedy Leeds defense. The Aces’ D managed to turn the ball over on downs, and on the next drive, the Aces were finally able to score to re-take their lead. After some fine running from RB Craig Flower, Storey again found Hossack open, firing him the ball. This time, no penalties were called, and the score became 14-7 after Studer added the PAT. Loughborough hoped to carry this lead into the second half, but Leeds showed the kind of quality and tenacity that had brought them to this stage for the third successive year. Fisher was able to connect with WR Chris Kuc, to make the scores even at 14-14 at half-time.

Loughborough came out fired up for the second half, after losing out to Leeds at the same stage last year. It wasn’t long before Storey connected with WR Andy Studer for his 3rd TD pass of the game, as Loughborough took a 21-14 lead. Studer converted his own TD. Leeds threatened throughout the 3rd and 4th quarters to even up the score, but the Aces were able to halt the Celtics’ drives. The pivotal plays happened when Leeds had 1st and goal, but were stopped at the Aces 3yd line after some desperate defending. Jay Cordingley was forced to punt from his own endzone, and punted for a gross gain of around 45 yards. In a nail-biting finale, Leeds continued to apply the pressure, but hurt themselves with a penalty on 3rd and goal. With seconds left on the clock, Leeds had one final play to save the game. Fisher passed the ball to RB Joe Coultate, but Coultate was unable to find his way to the endzone. He pitched the ball back to Fisher, who was himself unable to find an opening. The game ended there, with Leeds unable to stop the clock on the Aces’ final drive.

Credit is due to the Leeds Celtics organisation for a thrilling game, and the Aces advance to the Northern Conference Final. Loughborough managed to defend their record of never having lost to the same opponent 3 times in a row, and avenged their late defeat of a year ago, at the hands of Leeds.

27th February 2005 - BCAFL Week 13 results

Birmingham Lions 37-0 Essex Blades
Hertfordshire Hurricanes 56-6 UEA Pirates
Bristol Bullets 22-19 Bath Killer Bees
Southampton Stags 34-13 Oxford Cavaliers
Glasgow Tigers 14-6 Staffordshire Stallions
Leeds Celtics 27-14 Newcastle Raiders
Loughborough Aces 20-6 Nottingham Outlaws
Sheffield Hallam Warriors 6-12 Lancaster Bombers (game played at Lancaster)

20th February 2005 - BCAFL Week 12 results

Cardiff Cobras 3-6 Bath Killer Bees
Southampton Stags 12-20 Birmingham Lions
Lancaster Bombers 30-12 Caledonian Roughriders
Sunderland Kings P-P UCH Sharks
Nottingham Outlaws 0-12 Loughborough Aces
Paisley Pyros 0-34 Napier University Edinburgh
Stirling Clansmen 6-23 Glasgow Tigers
Tarannau Aberystwyth 6-12 Oxford Cavaliers
Brighton Tsunami 30-10 Reading Knights

13th February 2005 - BCAFL Week 11 results

Oxford Cavaliers 14-6 Bath Killer Bees
Southampton Stags 61-0 Brighton Tsunami
Plymouth Blitz 8-12 Bristol Bullets
Birmingham Lions 21-6 Cardiff Cobras
Leeds Celtics 40-0 Stirling Clansmen
Derby Braves 20-0 Sheffield Hallam Warriors
Greenwich Mariners 0-80 Hertfordshire Hurricanes
Sheffield Sabres 0-25 Staffordshire Stallions
Reading Knights 26-34 PA Surrey Stingers
Tarannau Aberystwyth 6-0 Warwick Wolves
Caledonian Roughriders 22-0 Napier UE
UCH Sharks 8-24 Newcastle Raiders
Glasgow Tigers - Paisley Pyros
UT Cougars - Sunderland Kings

6th February 2005 - BCAFL Week 10 results

Cardiff Cobras 6-13 Bristol Bullets
Reading Knights 8-16 Tarannau Abersytwyth
Derby Braves 74-0 APU Phantoms
Warwick Wolves 26-20 Brighton Tsunami
Essex Blades 28-22 KCU Falcons
Lancaster Bombers 1-0 Leicester Lightning
Birmingham Lions 36-0 Oxford Cavaliers
Plymouth Blitz 9-7 Bath Killer Bees
Nottingham Outlaws 20-0 Sheffield Sabres
PA Surrey Stingers 20-42 Southampton Stags
Leeds Celtics 13-19 Glasgow Tigers
Newcastle Raiders 30-6 UT Cougars
Hertfordshire Hurricanes 67-0 UEA Pirates
Napier UE 32-0 Paisley Pyros

3rd February 2005 - GB Bulldogs announce coaching staff

The British Collegiate American Football League is proud to announce the coaches who are to head the Great Britain Bulldogs for the next 2 years are Graham Thorpe and Andy Hill. Coach Thorpe will return as Head Coach and Offensive Co-ordinator with Coach Hill taking the position of Defensive Co-ordinator.

Both coaches have been asked to come in on a 2 year basis in order to give continuity to the program. Coach Thorpe produced an innovative and impressive offence that is suited to taking on North American teams. In the case of Coach Hill we have gone for a new approach which it is hoped will give us the flexibility to close down all types of offence the Bulldogs will face. Coach Hill has a vision and a philosophy which is shared.

Coach Thorpe and Coach Hill will bring the best knowledge base available as we prepare the Bulldogs for future dates against teams from Europe & North America. Plans are to an advanced stage regarding the 2005 and 2006 programs with details of trials, opponents and tours being released in the near future.

30th January 2005 - BCAFL Week 9 results

Leicester Lightning 0-27 Derby Braves
Brighton Tsunami 15-21 Essex Blades
Newcastle Raiders 20-8 UCH Sharks
Bristol Bullets 64-0 KCU Falcons
Sheffield Hallam Warriors 34-26 Lancaster Bombers
UT Cougars 18-22 Leeds Celtics
Hertfordshire Hurricanes 34-0 Nottingham Outlaws
Plymouth Blitz 12-6 Reading Knights
Staffordshire Stallions 49-0 Sheffield Sabres

23rd January 2005 - BCAFL Week 8 results

Greenwich Mariners 0-6 Essex Blades
UEA Pirates 12-8 PA Surrey Stingers
Nottingham Outlaws 26-0 Derby Braves
Birmingham Lions 27-7 Hertfordshire Hurricanes
Sunderland Kings 0-48 Lancaster Bombers

19th January 2005 - 
Calling all BCAFL Head Coaches

The University Head Coaches Association is holding it's inaugural meeting at Birmingham University Muir Head Tower (First Floor Room 2) on Saturday 22nd Jan.  Registration starts at 10:30am, with the programme to run from 11am to 4pm.
All BCAFL Head Coaches and Assistant Head Coaches are invited. The agenda will contain issues specifically relevant to college coaches working within BCAFL. For further information or If you have any questions or cannot attend but would still like to register to receive updates, minutes from meetings and coaching information contact: Wayne Hill (UHCA Chairman) – 07719 200882 or whill58@yahoo.com.  The other founding committee members are: Jim Messenger (Herts), Paul Sherratt (Notts) and Andy Sweeney (Lough’s)

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