Match reports 84 to 89

1st September - Combined Gridiron League Crown Division review. Report
1st September - Combined Gridiron League Duke Division review. Report
1st September - Combined Gridiron League Baron Division review. Report
27th August - Walsall Titans 60-47 Portsmouth Warriors, CGL Crown Final. Report
20th August - Ipswich Cardinals 9-18 Norwich Devils, BNGL National Final. Report
20th August - Cheltenham Chieftains 12-11 Severn Vale Royals, CGL Baron Final.Report
13th August - Colchester Gladiators 36-50 Portsmouth Warriors, CGL Crown Q-F.Report
6th August - Manchester Spartans 21-14 Birmingham, Bud Bowl III. Report
29th July - Manchester Spartans 41-21 London Olympians, Bud Bowl Semi-Final.Report
29th July - Birmingham Bulls 27-20 Leeds Cougars, Bud Bowl Semi-Final. Report
22nd July - Manchester Spartans 34-16 London Ravens, Bud Bowl quarter-final.Report
22nd July - Northants Storm 16-22 Leeds Cougars (OT), Bud Bowl quarter-final.Report
8th July - Nottingham Hoods 40-26 Leeds Cougars, Budweiser National. Report 
24th June - Leeds Cougars 20-14 Birmingham Bulls, Budweiser National. Report
17th June - Bournemouth Bobcat 6-16 London Ravens, Budweiser National.Report
17th June - Bexley Barons 6-24 East Kent Cougars, BNGL National. Report 
17th June - Hartlepool Steelers 20-7 Stockport Falcons, BNGL National. Report
17th June - Preston Pirates 40-3 Doncaster Jaguars, BNGL Premier Division.Report
17th June - Bedford 42-0 Breckland Bucks, BNGL First Division. Report
17th June - Cheshire Cats 38-0 Wigan Wolverines, BNGL First Division. Report
17th June - Eastleigh Royals 26-18 Maidstone M-20s, BNGL First Division. Report
11th June - Leeds Cougars 30-14 Gateshead Senators, Budweiser National.Report
10th June - Bournemouth Bobcat 14-22 Brighton B-52s, Budweiser National.Report
10th June - Thames Valley Chargers 28-23 Chelmsford Cherokee, Budweiser National. Report
3rd June - Leeds Cougars 20-6 Nottingham Hoods, Budweiser National. Report
3rd June - Brighton B-52s 38-7 Bournemouth Bobcat, Budweiser National. Report
27th May - Leeds Cougars 56-22 Leicester Panthers, Budweiser National. Report
20th May - Manchester Allstars 26-51 Leeds Cougars, Budweiser National. Report
13th May - Glasgow Lions 0-31 Leeds Cougars, Budweiser National. Report
13th May - Thames Valley Chargers 24-21 Bournemouth Bobcat, Budweiser National. Report
13th May - Manchester Spartans 28-20 Glasgow Lions, Budweiser National.Report
13th May - Charnwood Beacons 28-6 Doncaster Jaguars, BNGL Premier Division.Report
13th May - Wolverhampton Outlaws 40-13 Burton Barons, BNGL Premier Division.Report
13th May - Gravesend Lions 6-27 Newport Mustangs, BNGL Premier Division.Report
13th May - St Helens 56-18 Chester Romans, BNGL Premier Division. Report
13th May - Torbay Trojans 58-0 Bath Gladiators, BNGL Premier Division. Report
May - Bournemouth Bobcat 16-36 Nottingham Hoods, Budweiser National. Report
30th April - Manchester Allstars 7-36 Manchester Spartans, Budweiser National.Report
30th April - Birmingham Bulls 49-29 Leeds Cougars, Budweiser National. Report
23rd April - Manchester Spartans 20-17 Glasgow Lions, Budweiser National.Report
23rd April - Manchester Allstars 31-7 Gateshead Senators, Budweiser National.Report
23rd April - Chelmsford Cherokee 35-21 Bournemouth Bobcat, Budweiser National. Report
23rd April - Leeds Cougars 12-27 Leicester Panthers, Budweiser National. Report
16th April - Gateshead Senators 14-42 Manchester Spartans, Budweiser National.Report


11th September - Woking Generals 20-14 Merseyside Centurions, BGFL Final.Report
11th September - Tiptree Titans 10-6 London Acorn Lasers, JAFL Final. Report
4th September - Birmingham Bulls 30-6 London Olympians, Bud Bowl III. Report
28th August - Herts Phantoms 48-34 Ipswich Cardinals, Budweiser Division One Bowl game. Report
21st August - Manchester Spartans 7-43 London Olympians, Budweiser National Semi-Final. Report
21st August - London Ravens 13-51 Birmingham Bulls, Budweiser National Semi-Final. Report
30th July - Birmingham Bulls 47-0 Leeds Cougars, Budweiser National. Report
23rd July - Fylde Falcons 40-6 Leeds Cougars, Budweiser National. Report
16th July - Leeds Cougars 8-17 Fylde Falcons, Budweiser National. Report
9th July - Leeds Cougars 15-12 Glasgow Lions, Budweiser National. Report
3rd July - Bournemouth Bobcats 29-22 Thames Valley Chargers, Budweiser National. Report
10th July - Bournemouth Bobcats 0-46 Birmingham Bulls, Budweiser National.Report
3rd July - Bournemouth Bobcats 20-55 Fylde Falcons, Budweiser National. Report
3rd July - Leicester Panthers 27-27 Nottingham Hoods, Budweiser National.Report
19th June - Birmingham Bulls 21-7 London Olympians, Budweiser National. Report
19th June - Manchester Spartans 59-50 Glasgow Lions, Budweiser National.Report
19th June - London Ravens 26-6 Leeds Cougars, Budweiser National. Report
12th June - Woking Generals 100-0 Weymouth Warlords, BNGL. Report
12th June - Crewe Railroaders 139-0 Nuneaton Norsemen, BNGL. Report
11th June - Leeds Cougars 8-26 London Olympians, Budweiser National. Report
11th June - Leicester Panthers 21-23 Birmingham Bulls, Budweiser National.Report
5th June - Harrogate Hawks 104-8 Yorvik Vikings, BNGL. Report
4th June - Leeds Cougars 28-24 Luton Flyers, Budweiser National. Report
22nd May - Leeds Cougars 16-12 Bournemouth Bobcats, Budweiser National.Report
15th May - East Kent Cougars 148-6 Maidstone M20s, BNGL. Report
14th May - London Ravens 8-22 London Olympians, Budweiser National. Report
14th May - Leeds Cougars 38-26 Manchester Allstars, Budweiser National. Report
8th May - London Olympians 11-19 Leicester Panthers, Budweiser National.Report
8th May - Manchester Spartans 31-21 Leeds Cougars, Budweiser National. Report
8th May - Capitals Tigers 31-20 Swansea Dragons, Budweiser Premier (largest Britball crowd, 20,500). Report
1st May - Northants Storm 21-20 Leicester Panthers, Budweiser National. Report
30th April - Luton Flyers 36-36 Birmingham Bulls, Budweiser National. Report
30th April - Manchester Spartans 21-0 Leeds Cougars, Budweiser National. Report
23rd April - London Ravens 39-37 Birmingham Bulls, Budweiser National. Report
23rd April - Nottingham Hoods 35-14 Bournemouth Bobcats, Budweiser National.Report
23rd April - Glasgow Lions 34-13 Leeds Cougars, Budweiser National. Report
17th April - Birmingham Bulls 19-14 Leicester Panthers, Budweiser National.Report
17th April - Leeds Cougars 19-39 Northants Storm, Budweiser National. Report
17th April - Fylde Falcons 40-46 Manchester Spartans, Budweiser National. Report
10th April - Bournemouth Bobcats 14-20 London Olympians, Budweiser National.Report
10th April - Luton Flyers 10-7 Leicester Panthers, Budweiser National. Report
10th April - Yate Thundercats 13-13 Bath Gladiators, BGFL. Report
3rd April - Nottingham Hoods 35-28 Luton Flyers, Budweiser National. Report


September - Crewe Missiles 22-16 Manchester Allstars, JAFA Northern Flag Final.Report
20th September - London Ravens 40-23 Manchester Allstars, Budweiser National Bowl. Report
17th September - Bournemouth Bobcats 43-6 Leeds Cougars, Budweiser Premier Bowl. Report
5th September - Heathrow Jets 8-28 Bournemouth Bobcats, Budweiser Premier Semi-Final. Report
5th September - Leeds Cougars 44-22 Colchester Gladiators, Budweiser Premier Semi-Final. Report
30th August - Manchester Allstars 42-16 Leicester Panthers, Budweiser National Semi-Final. Report
23rd August - LA Panthers 22-20 St Albans Kestrels, Capital Bowl Final. Report
22nd August - Oxford Bulldogs 14-46 Leeds Cougars, Budweiser Premier Quarter-Final. Report
1st August - Bournemouth Bobcats 16-13 Brighton B-52s, Budweiser Premier.Report
1st August - Cambridge County Cats 30-42 Chelmsford Cherokee, Budweiser National. Report
15th July - Manchester Allstars 26-25 London Olympians, Budweiser National.Report
12th July - Manchester Allstars 98-6 Newcastle Senators, Budweiser National.Report
12th July - Bournemouth Bobcats 40-12 Kent Rams, Budweiser Premier. Report
12th July - Leeds Cougars 62-6 Crewe Railroaders, Budweiser Premier. Report
5th July - Glasgow Lions 13-17 Manchester Allstars, Budweiser National. Report
5th July - Bournemouth Bobcats 27-28 Kent Rams. Budweiser Premier. Report
5th July - Leeds Cougars 50-0 Wrekin Giants, Budweiser Premier. Report
5th July - Bournemouth Bobcats 50-7 Crawley Raiders, Budweiser Premier. Report
5th July - Hereford Chargers 6-51 Cotswold Bears. Budweiser Premier. Report
28th June - Luton Flyers 37-39 CMK Bucks, Budweiser National. Report AReport B and Report C
21st June - Cambridge County Cats 12-28 Manchester Allstars, Budweiser National. Report
14th June - Manchester Allstars 27-22 Fylde Falcons, Budweiser National. Report
14th June - Leeds Cougars 48-0 Manchester Heroes, Budweiser Premier. Report
7th June - Portsmouth Warriors 12-29 Bournemouth Bobcats. Budweiser Premier.Report
30th May - Crawley Raiders 6-48 Bournemouth Bobcats. Budweiser Premier.Report
30th May - Locomotive Derby 12-58 Leeds Cougars. Budweiser Premier. Report
24th May - Manchester Allstars 27-12 London Olympians. Budweiser National.Report
24th May - Crewe Railroaders 6-57 Leeds Cougars, Budweiser Premier. Report
10th May - Manchester Allstars 16-2 Glasgow Lions, Budweiser National. Report
3rd May - Newcastle Senators 9-41 Manchester Allstars, Budweiser National.Report
3rd May - Leeds Cougars 78-0 Locomotive Derby, Budweiser Premier. Report
26th April - Manchester Spartans 6-34 Manchester Allstars, Budweiser National.Report
25th April - Bournemouth Bobcats 21-20 Brighton B-52s. Budweiser Premier.Report
18th April - Northampton Storm 8-27 Nottingham Hoods. Budweiser National.Report
4th April - Leeds Cougars 32-12 Fylde Falcons, Friendly. Report
29th March - Manchester Allstars 47-18 Steel City Giants. Report
18th April - Budweiser Premier Southern Division preview. Report


Manchester Allstars 6-79 Chicago Allstars, Friendly. Report
7th September - Birmingham Bulls 23-2 Glasgow Lions, BAFL Summerbowl II.Report
31st August - London Ravens 20-12 Streatham Olympians, Bud Bowl I. Report
17th August - Luton Flyers 29-27 Manchester Allstars, BAFL. Report
2nd August - Manchester Allstars 20-21 Manchester Spartans, BAFL. Report
2nd August - Leeds Cougars 40-6 Mansfield Express, BAFL Report
27th July - Edinburgh Blue Eagles 12-32 Manchester Allstars, BAFL. Report
20th July - Manchester Allstars 25-12 Tyneside Trojans, BAFL. Report
20th July - Crawley Raiders 20-25 Bournemouth Bobcats, Budweiser Channel Premier. 
20th July - Leeds Cougars 28-28 Manchester Spartans, BAFL Report
13th July - Walsall Titans 6-55 Nottingham Hoods, BAFL. Report
6th July - Manchester Allstars 10-6 Glasgow Lions, BAFL. Report
6th July - Bournemouth Bobcats 26-14 Crawley Raiders, Budweiser
 Channel Premier. Report
6th July - Ayr Burners 50-0 Clydesdale Colts, BAFL. Report
6th July - Locomotive Derby 12-25 Fylde Falcons, BAFL. Report
6th July - Ealing Eagles 0-49 Leicester Panthers, BAFL. Report
6th July - Leeds Cougars 6-30 Edinburgh Blue Eagles, BAFL Report
6th July - East Kilbride Pirates 0-69 Johnstone Crusaders, BAFL. Report
29th June - Manchester Spartans 37-12 Manchester Allstars, BAFL. Report
29th June - Leeds Cougars 0-22 Glasgow Lions, BAFL from Report
29th June - Nottingham Hoods 40-35 Birmingham Bulls, BAFL. Report
26th June - Leeds Cougars 28-28 Manchester Spartans, BAFL. Report
22nd June - Bournemouth Bobcats 7-12 Greenwich Rams, Budweiser Atlantic Premier.
22nd June - Leeds Cougars 24-21 Manchester Allstars, BAFL, Report
15th June - Southampton Seahawks 18-8 Bournemouth Bobcats, Budweiser Atlantic Premier. 
8th June - Glasgow Lions 13-28 Manchester Allstars, BAFL. Report
8th June - Edinburgh Blue Eagles 20-18 Leeds Cougars, BAFL,
1st June - Leeds Cougars 0-65 Chicago Allstars. 
25th May - Ealing Eagles 6-49 Nottingham Hoods, BAFL. Report
18th May - Manchester Allstars 36-20 Mansfield Express, BAFL. Report
11th May - Nottingham Hoods 27-46 Leicester Panthers, BAFL. Report
11th May - Manchester Allstars 25-2 Tyneside Trojans, BAFL. Report
4th May - Mansfield Express 14-28 Manchester Allstars, BAFL. Report
27th April - Manchester Allstars 18-6 Edinburgh Blue Eagles, BAFL. Report
13th April - Leicester Panthers 18-6 Manchester Allstars, Friendly. Report
30th March - Manchester Allstars 43-0 Eindhoven Alleycats, Friendly. Report
16th March - Crewe Railroaders 0-34 Manchester Allstars, Friendly. Report


Steel Bowl, Locomotive Derby 42-21 Leigh Razorbacks, AAFC Final. Report
Summerbowl I - London Ravens 45-7 Streatham Olympians, AFL Summerbowl I.
15th December - Paris Jets 13-35 Manchester Allstars, Friendly in Boulogne.Report
21st September - Manchester Allstars 90-6 Leeds Cougars, Rose Bowl friendly.Report
28th July - Manchester Spartans 20-26 Manchester Allstars (OT), AFL UK WildCard. Report
16th June - Mansfield Express 6-52 Manchester Allstars, AFL UK. Report
19th May - Manchester Allstars 28-0 Mansfield Express, AFL UK. Report
12th May - Staffordshire Stampeders 20-36 Manchester Allstars, AFL UK. Report
7th April - Manchester Allstars 12-12 Newcastle Browns, AFL UK. Report


15th April, Dusseldorf Panthers 69-0 Poole Sharks, Friendly. Report

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